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December 6, 2004.

H.L.s 100th Episode

                             We've reached the Century mark

Whats up? OK here it is, finally H.L.s 100 episode. I got back late from San Diego last night, for the Charger/Bronco game. for a full report check out the Football Page.

Speaking of football, there is a big story this morning in the L.A. Times about Pat Tillman. Tillman's family is upset at the Pentagon, because they keep lieing about what happened when Pat died. At first they said it was insurgents that killed him, then they admitted that he was "probably" killed by his own platoon. The People that were there, tell the real story

Account of Tillman's Killing Is Challenged

Now that the NFL, has become just another recuriting vehicle for the war. (You know how they work in the the Army, The Marines, and the war, at every possible opportunity on NFL telecasts.) I thought they were going to go hog wild for this Tillman story this year, but then Tillmans brother broke up the party by getting up at his funeral, and saying "Pat is not a hero, he's just dead", the rest of the family wasn't going along either, then it came out that Pat was killed by his own people, Now the NFL barely mentions him, and won't even let players wear Pat's number on his uniform. They demanded that Ben Roethlisberger remove Pat's number 40 from his shoes because they are trying to kill the story.

Forget about the recount in Ohio. According to this story, it will be useless, because due to stalling by Kenneth Blackwell, by the time they actually start the recount the electors will have already cast thier votes for Bush. This is how Kerry will make absoultely certain that he cannot become President even if he won.

Consortium News

Slow-Rolling Democracy in Ohio

So I guess its time for me to pay off my Presidential election bet. (Which I lost) I was holding out for a miracle but Kerry is making sure that it won't happen. Eventually it will come out that Bush really lost the election, just like he did in 2000, but by then it will be too late. And know that we only have a one party system in America, heres thier next offering for 2008.

Prison Planet

Michael Moore Tells Hollywood Elite to Brace for Schwarzenegger Presidential Candidacy in 2008

They say it isn't easy to change the Consitiution, but since our one party rulers, can do whatever they want, and fix whatever they want. It will be no problem to make whatever little changes are necessary. If you read the acutual Document, you will see the The Constitution is as disregarded by the Government as Innocent Iraqi civilian lives

Howard Dean wants to become the head of the Democratic Party. (You know the one that no longer exsists) But John Kerry doesnt want him as the leader, because Dean will object to Kerry running again in 2008; and Kerry wants to run again to make it absolutely certain that Arnold becomes the next president. Kerry doesn't want any screwups, where a Democrat could some how accidentally win. Kerry knows the only way to do a job right, is to do it yourself

The Independant U.K.

Howard Dean seeks to rally demoralised Democrats

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