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December 7, 2004.

                Burning ship at pearl harbor

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. Which was the 9/11 that got us into World War 2. Here's a couple of stories from What Really Happened, about What Really Happened.

The McCollum Memo: The Smoking Gun of Pearl Harbor


You know when you get your paycheck each week (Or probably every 2 weeks); and you look at the Gross pay, vs. The net pay. You notice that the biggest chunk of money they take goes to the federal government. You wonder what they do with all that money, becuase its a lot, and we don't seem to be getting much for it. Heres where it goes.

War Resisters League

                Were all paying for it

Where The Money Goes

Heres a fun little tool from Your Congress.com. Its called.Jrs. Big Ass Tax Cut Calculator. You can take the 1.6 Trillion that The monkey is giving to his rich friends, then call up various other items. The calculIts calledator shows the price of the item, and how many of them you can buy with the 1.6T. for example did you know you can buy 1,797,752,808,988.76 Cheeseburgers with the tax cut. You can make up your own items to compare too. Check it out.

Then their is the second largest deduction out of your paycheck, called FICA, which is Social Security. You know that thing you've been paying into your entire life, so that you will have some money coming in when your old and broke. Well Bush has other plans for the money, like keeping it for himself, and his friends, because you see, they really need that $300. a month, you were going to use to buy food, and pay the electirc bill. Now not only is Bush going to keep that money, he is going to Borrow even more money To set the whole thing up.

The L.A. Times

White House Says Social Security Fix Means Borrowing

Jr. Doesn't mind borrowing even more money, becuase he is trying to bankrupt the American Economy, so he can turn us into a nation of slaves.

'Savaging the dollar: strategies for the New World Order'

by Mike Whitney

Heres another long story about the last hours of Pat Tillman. Maybe this whole Tillman thing will start to wake some people up about whats going on out there in Iraq, and about the insanity of it all. If it does then Pat will not have died completly in vain

IN THE KILL ZONE : The Unnecessary Death of Pat Tillman

This is the first in a 2 part series, we'll have part 2 here tomorrow.

Lets close up today with another one from Sutton Impact

Were all paying for it

OK thats it for now, try to enjoy the day, see you tomorrow

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