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November 13, 2004.

1:22PM PST (GMT-8)

Whats happening everyone. I'm going to try something a little different today. Since I have a few things I have to get done I am going to post something, then do other things then come back and post some more. We'll keep a running time count.

I found this story as a link to my own site. I can look at stats that tell me how people got to The H.L. Site. It's listing this as one of the links. I don't see my site on it anywhere but it was a great posting story. Its from the New York Times. This is right out of Full Metal Jacket. Unbelievable.

Hard Lesson in Battle: 150 Marines Meet 1 Sniper

Photo:Ashley Gilbertson

World of Sh*t


FALLUJA, Iraq, Nov. 10- American marines called in two airstrikes on the pair of dingy three-story buildings squatting along Highway 10 on Wednesday, dropping 500-pound bombs each time. They fired 35 or so 155-millimeter artillery shells, 10 shots from the muzzles of Abrams tanks and perhaps 30,000 rounds from their automatic rifles. The building was a smoking ruin. But the sniper kept shooting.

He - or they, because no one can count the flitting shadows in this place - kept 150 marines pinned down for the better part of a day. It was a lesson on the nature of the enemy in this hellish warren of rubble-strewn streets. Not all of the insurgents are holy warriors looking for martyrdom. At least a few are highly trained killers who do their job with cold precision and know how to survive.

"The idea is, he just sits up there and eats a sandwich," said Lt. Andy Eckert, "and we go crazy trying to find him."

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H.L.s Take: Did they learn nothing from Viet Nam? If they would have seen Full Metal Jacket They would have known to expect this. If a whole Marine Platoon cant beat one "Insurgent" How can they ever win the war?. Or, do they really want to?

More in about an hour

2:47 PM

Check out this comic from In Contempt

thats right

More Soon

3:43 PM

Heres a story that tells the many ways an election can be stolen, and Bush used them all

Tom Paine.com

The Perfect Election Day Crime

5:55 PM

More on the dirty work of the election

Online Journal

Dirty work at Philly polls

7:03 PM

Ok thats it for today, see ya manana H.L.

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