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November 15, 2004.

He's on vacation right now

According to Keith Olbermann

Vote to be Recounted in Ohio, and New Hampshire

Olbermann is reporting on his blog, that The Greens have gotten a recount in Ohio, and Nader has gotten his in New Hampshire. He also comments on the supposed "Lockdown" that the media is under in reporting the Vote Fraud Story.

Read all about it

Another one from the postmanfrom Deb at Positive Blasphemy

Check out the new video that will soon sweeping the airwaves across the nation It's called

Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis

Check out some Pictures of The Insurgents in Iraq

What Really Happened

These guys are fighting for their lives So would you if we were attacked

This is what they mean when they say that they all hate America now Got these pics off the net

I wonder if they got these weapons from the 380 Ton Stockpile That the U.S. gave away

See All The Pics Here

this one came first classfrom Roland

Stop The War Week

H.L. Whats up, stop the war week is coming up in December, also dont forget about the big counter inauguration in Washington for the inauguration. Talk to you soon. Roland

H.L. Responds:

Do you think Bush will even bother to show up for the Inauguration, It is going to be a gigantic "Quagmire", he ran away last time rather then face the people, there will be way more this time. Could this be where the Marines start shooting at people just to let them know the new reich is here to stay?

Fallujah Mission "Not Accomplished"

Left Coaster

Insurgent Attacks Spread Through Iraq's Sunni Areas

They're going to need a lot more soldiers to keep this going, How long until the draft gets started? And those Red Staters that voted for Bush start getting shipped off?

They are already grabbing Vets whose service committment ended long ago

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Army's Long Arm

Lets close up with another episode from Cross-a-fire, fromYorick:Infinite Jest

                                                Fox News should pick this up

See ya, tomorrow H.L.

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