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July 8, 2005
Dissident Voice

Rove To Be Indicted?

H.L.s Take, If this happens it will send a strong message to our Govenrment. Your fear mongering Politics no longer effect us.


450 Sheep All Jump To Their Deaths Off A Cliff

H.L.s Take, Thats the problem with Sheep, They will follow the "Leader" and never think for themselves even if it means jumping off a cliff. Kinda like what is happening to Republicans.


Reid: Gonzalez Qualified.

H.L.s Take, It looks like Howard Dean's Balls lessons to Harry Reid have not taken hold, Looks like Howard will need to pay him another visit. If you missed Howard First attempt at slapping some sense into Reid, Here it is
Howard Dean

Harry Reid

Bill Frist in a dark alleyway

tough time

get tougher

Minority leader

Daily Kos

George Galloway On The London Bombings


Uzbekistan to Reconsider Hosting U.S. Base

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