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June 19, 2005

Everybody Knows, George.

by H.L.

There was a story in Stars and Stripes, on Friday about families of military members who have been killed in the war in Iraq going to Washington to demand official congressional hearings into the Downing St. Memo, and whether or not Bush lied us into a war that has seen over 1700 soldiers killed.
This story was in Stars and Stripes, which is the official U.S. military forces propaganda rag, and has been at least since World War 2, when a publication like this is reporting this story; you know that the s**t has truly come down.
Everybody knows that Bush is a murderous liar now. Not everyone will admit it, but everyone knows. Many people didn�t know until just recently, the kind of people who don�t really concern themselves with politics too much, unless a story becomes so huge that it just can�t pass them by. The Downing St. Memo was revealed to all this week when AP mentioned it for the first time, after nearly 2 months of existence; It was also covered by the mainstream broadcast media. The story had gotten so big there was no way they could continue to ignore it.

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