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Is Kaine a Smokescreen for Kathleen Sebelius?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on August 1st, 2008 4:39 am by HL

Is Kaine a Smokescreen for Kathleen Sebelius?

I just spent two hours writing up a theory that came to me at midnight. The gist is that Sen. Barack Obama, by leaking to the mainstream media that Hillary is not on his shortlist while not discouraging talk about Virgina Gov. Tim Kaine, is manipulating a planned succession of leaks.

Obama has hit his truth in advertising wall: He's got to show he's the progressive candidate for real change because that is how he sold himself to American voters. He's committed to expending untold sums of money to go after unregistered voters in the swing states — the young, minorities and others who firmly believe he represents change. If his VP choice doesn't also embody change from politics as usual in Washington, he becomes reduced to spouting just words about change, which in turn gives him an electability problem. [More…]

The young might believe he's a sellout, pointing to FISA. The elderly, with enough uncertainty in their lives as to their final years,will have more important things to worry about than deciding between two same-olds, one of whom came out of nowhere. That's leaves Obama's path very clear. He's been working on it for year and I as wrote earlier, it will be on full display in Denver. He's going after unregistered voters, the disaffected among us, because Obama is banking on them buying into his grand plan to have them enter the Big Tent as invited guests.

For reasons I’ll describe in my next post, which may or may be finalized tomorrow, Tim Kaine doens't fit the mold. Either does Evan Bayh. Joe Biden kills it. Kathleen Sebelius could be his key.

I’ve broken down the analysis but it needs fine-tuning and I need to add source links before I go public on it. Right now, my money is on Sebelius. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Sebelius.

2 Responses to “Is Kaine a Smokescreen for Kathleen Sebelius?”

  1. BrianM Says:

    I think you should save this article because your going to be correct. Tim Kaine’s name was given to the press last week (Leak 1) and this week Obama went to Bayh’s home state and the rumours surrounding that was that Obama was going to make the Vp announcement before the Olympics (Leak2) There may even be one more “Smoke screen” but Sebelius is the one person who gains alot of attention without much leakage to chew on.

  2. Bakari Says:

    You are correct I don’t know why these guys on TV are so errogant and blind. Kathleen Sebelius
    will be the VP she will bring the other women along. It will make Hillary look old because she will come off bitter and a hater to look down on a female breaking through again. After people see her record it will seem like Hillary is girl compared to Kathleen Sebelius body of work. She is from Ohio daughter of a gov there. She is popular but the biggest reason is this.

    The democractic electorate is mostly women and to move that base just a little his way he will take Kathleen Sebelius attractive smart and doesn’t look tired and hurt like Hillary. They will flock to her she is in her 60’s and she will make the young and older women get excited because they will have somebody new to research. After they see them standing they will be in
    in love. Her speaking ability is grand she is a perfect fit. The republicans will have to attack a women that means they will have to attack a white women who is not Hillary and that will be so hard. With Mccaine’s VP which will be a white mail standing next to him and Obama’s and Kathleen standing it will be like looking at the current mens US Basketball team and the team from when pistol peat was a gaurd. It is type wrter versus a computer. He is building up the hype so much so that women base will exploide. Yeah some Hillary old women will get annoyed until they find out she is Catholic and has brought Health care to kids in Kansas. The list is grand..

    I am stunned by the skill but I see it just like you. Oh and Obama’s mother is from Kansas so who can hate on middle america they have so many troops in Iraq she will be the one.