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HL Attends Dennis Kucinich Speech in Sierra Madre

Posted in Latest Stories & Articles by H.L., Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on October 22nd, 2007 11:14 am by HL

Yesterday was the Dennis Kucinich fundraiser and speech in Sierra Madre. It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and a nice sized crowd gathered to hear Dennis speak. The event started with a short speech by Dawnelle Keyes, who was in the movie Sicko. Dawnelle lost her young daughter when she took her to a hospital that was not in her network (Kaiser). They refused to treat her sick child, who got continually worse until she died. Dennis promises to bring single-payer health care without profit to insurance companies to all. Next a boy named Evan got up and sang a song. I don’t know the title but it had to do with building a bridge to Peace. Then it was time for the man, the only candidate worth voting for next November. Dennis wowed the crowd talking about war, health care, civil rights, and impeachment. See it for yourself.
(After the speech I spoke briefly with Dennis, and gave him a couple of H.L. cards, he put them in his pocket right next to The Constitution and Steven Colbert. So Dennis if you are reading this, great speech yesterday. Thank You.)

Part 1

Part 2

12 Responses to “HL Attends Dennis Kucinich Speech in Sierra Madre”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So HL is Dawnelle taking the hospital to court. If not than why. It is illegal for a hospital to refuse to help anyone and that is the law. So if she isn’t in court with the hospital I have to say that she is lieing and that Dennis is supporting a lie for his person cause.

  2. HL Says:

    Actually she already won a judgement against the hospital. She is now fighting to make sure what happened to her, doesn’t happen to you. If I ever see her again I’ll thank her for you.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    don’t thank her for me I don’t live in her town. The people that should be thanking her are the people that live in the same town that she does. It still doesn’t change the fact that they cant refuse to care for you wether you have insurance or not. It just shows that that hospital should have been sued.
    You still haven’t made a case for national health care. It is still legally required by law in this country with or with out insurance that a hospital must treat you.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    HL so you are backing Dennis. So you are all for turning this country over to Russia or China or Iran or any other country that has Nuks is that it. Well if you are backing Dennis you are since that is what he is for. He would be more worried about what other countrys think about the US rather than our own security and by saying that he would get rid of nuks shows that. If you think that any other country would get rid of their nuks just because we did you need better dope. I don’t care what other countrys think about the US. For one France which is suppose to be one of the countrys that hates the US is a lie. And unless you have been there you wouldn’t know. Paris and the people are were most of the people that hate the US are the northern part of the country loves the US and always has. I know people that are from other countrys that came here and they thought that all americans were pigs because of what they had seen on TV and when they got here they found out different and now all their friends know and are telling their friends the same thing. Why do they think that way of the US? It isn’t because of the US it is because of the media the same media you keep quoting.

  5. HL Says:

    OK Anonymous, lets say Iran has nukes (I think thats what you meant by “Nuks”) which they don’t, but let’s say they did. I don’t know if you realize it or not, but we have them too. so lets say Iran had these nukes, which they don’t, would they fire them at us. (or Israel because even if they had nukes which they don’t, they wouldn’t be powerful enough to reach us, buts lets just say they could)
    Do you think that they would want certain death because that is what would happen if they fired nukes at us. How come Russia has had nukes for 50 years yet they never leveled us, they could have at any time, but they didn’t. It’s called a deterrent.
    But hey you know what else, if we had a country that didn’t just go into other countries and kill them for their oil, and so that Bush and his friends in the military industrial complex and the oil companies could make mega billions they wouldn’t hate us so much. Terrorism has become mush worse since Bush decided to go kill half of Iran. Why don’t you people understand that.
    Do you hate your neighbors that are nice friendly people who don’t start trouble? NO, you hate the ones that are real assholes. Well thats what we have been to many countries for many years.

  6. HL Says:

    Sorry about the poor video quality. I had crystal clear DVD quality video files, but You Tube will only allow 100 Megs per video. This editing system I was using would let me go 1mnps which yielded 40 Megs. The next size up was 3Mpbs which made the files too big, There was no 2 mbps, which would have made the quality twice as good and still within You Tubes rules. Have to use the cheap easy program next time.

  7. Longshot Prez Candidates in the FC | The Foothill Cities Blog Says:

    […] on the other hand, spoke in Sierra Madre this weekend. Sierra Madre: Huell Howser, small-town America, pie-baking contests and Dennis […]

  8. Anonymous Says:

    HL to start with you didn’t read what I wrote. Dennis wants to get rid of all the nuks that the US has. So there is a hole in your plan there. If the US has no nuks than what would we fire back at them or better yet use as a deterrent? As to “Bush and his friends in the military industrial complex and the oil companies making mega billions” just were is the proof that you have that shows this and if this is the case than why are we still paying $3 or more a gallon for gas.
    To answer your question about why Russia, which at that time wasn’t Russia it was the USSR, didn’t use nuks againest the US is because they knew that our systems would go off if they fired on the US. That has nothing to do with the fact that Dennis wants to get rid of all nuks in the US. So once again I ask you are you supporting a person that wants to hand this country over to any other country that has nuclear weapons because he removed all of our nuclear weapons. Don’t dance around the question just answer it yes or no. You either support the US getting rid of all nuclear weapons or you don’t. That simple. Dennis is for getting rid of them I am asking you if you are.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    HL the thing is that there are more people that like the US than you will admit to. The only people that you hear about that don’t like the US are mostly France and a few others, and they are all countries that the US has bailed out before and they are the same countries that will cry for the US to help them when they are in the next bind.IF so many countries don’t like the US than why do we have so many Allies with us in Iraq. And since when did Bush decided to go kill half of Iran.

  10. HL Says:

    First of all “why do we have so many allies in Iraq?” Ok you haven’t been on the site long, so I will let your obvious ignorance go this time. Ok allies in Iraq, There is England. Tony Blair (aka Bush’s poodle) allowed England into the war despite overwhelming opposition in that country. In fact Blair eventually got booted out of office because of it. What did he care, Bush was taking care of him, so screw the people, aside from England a couple of countries have a couple of soldiers over there largely because Bush either a) paid them or b) threatened them. The Coalition of The Willing is just another Bush lie in and endless string of them.
    As for your observation that France hates America, I would disagree with that as well. France was (correctly) against the war from the start. That doesn’t mean they hate us, they just disagreed with us over the war. Of course Bush and the Republicans hate them for speaking the truth. Even Congressman Walter Jones who coined the term “Freedom Fries” later turned around and admitted the war was wrong, the Republicans were wrong, and the French were right all along. France does not hate the US, they just refused to go along with a war that was wrong.

    The countries that hate the US are the ones we constantly “screw” with, namely the ones with oil. Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. etc. If we left them alone, and stopped trying to steal their oil, and kill their people, they would cease to hate us. In fact, We are spending more money to kill them for the oil, then it would cost to buy it from them. But then Bush, and the military industrial complex would not be making Billions on war. The bottom line is that the few people who profit from war, are ruining the world for the other 99%. When will 99% of the people rise up against the other 1% and say No more?

  11. Anonymous Says:

    So now you are saying that the people of France like the US but that the British don’t like us now. You can’t even keep your story straight as to who hates the US and who doesn’t. Tell you what when you quit flip flopping let me know because you sound just like the anti war democrats that are in office right now that don’t care one bit about this country. If things are so bad here and you don’t like it here than why is it that you haven’t left yet. You post things on this site that are flat out lies and have no proof to back your lies up. One example is your claim about the US being in Iraq for the oil. Show me your proof that that is what we are there for and that we are taking it like you say. I have read through a lot of your posts and all I see is a lap dog for the media. You don’t do anything but post the same things that they are saying. Even when there is proof that they are wrong. You support a guy that wants to turn this country over to what ever other country has the force to take it and you say he is the only hope for this country. He is no better the Walter Mondale and when he started talking about getting rid of nuk’s he lost to. So now you know what the out come will be for Dennis. He will not make it to the white house. The democrats have aready elected Hillary so Dennis has no chance. But you can keep dreaming. By the way I see that you like polls and every poll says that Hillary is the democrat to beat and that she has no chance to win the white house.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Re the boy and the song at the Sierra Madre rally, Evan Henzi sang “Bridge of Hope”. The song was written by Grammy Award winning composer Michael Jay. The song’s video was directed by Evan’s 14 year-old cousin and actor Darian Weiss who also attended the rally. These boys sent the video to each candidate in early 2007 hoping they would all recognize the concerns of our youth about peace and their future. A few campaigns sent the boys a standard two-sentence response, supportive, however with lack of interest. Dennis and his campaign obviously showed more favorable attention. The video itself can be viewed on youtube. I know that the families of these kids are thankful to Dennis and are happy to know that one of our candidates truly cares about the concerns of our future leaders.