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Latest Bush War News

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 18th, 2007 9:33 am by HL

The House had voted the resolution against Bush, and Iraq, and the in the Senate 34, Hardcore Republicans like John Mc Cain, and Joe Lieberman, are holding up the vote, so we can go ahead and call this Bush’s War. (and I don’t want to hear about who voted what way 4 years ago.)

2 Baghdad car bombs kill 56, injure 127

BAGHDAD, Iraq – Two car bombs exploded in an outdoor market in Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 56 people and injuring scores in the deadliest attack since U.S. and Iraqi forces began a major security push around the capital last week.
The twin blasts — marked the first major response by militants to the sweep launched last week and a sobering reminder of the huge challenges facing any efforts against the well-armed factions.

A separate car bomb in the mostly Shiite area of Sadr City killed at least one person and injured 10, police said.

The U.S. military reported the deaths of two American soldiers, one of them in Baghdad who was killed when an insurgent hurled a grenade at his vehicle. The other soldier died when a patrol came under fire north of Baghdad, the statement said. Both died Saturday.

8 U.S. troops die in Afghan copter crash

SHAHJOI, Afghanistan – A U.S. helicopter suffered a “sudden, unexplained loss of power” and crashed Sunday in southeastern Afghanistan, killing eight American troops, the military said. Fourteen people on board survived
The last time a U.S. military helicopter crashed was in May 2006, when a CH-47 Chinook helicopter went down while attempting a nighttime landing on a small mountaintop in eastern Kunar province, killing 10 U.S. soldiers.

In 2005, a U.S. helicopter crashed in Kunar after apparently being hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, killing 16 American troops.

H.L.s Take
So lets go to the toteboard and look at the totals for one more day of Bush’s Wars. So thats 56 Dead Iraqis, 127 Wounded Iraqis,
Another iraqi dead and 10 more injured, 2 American soldiers dead plus the 8 in the Helicpoter, so thats 57 dead Iraqis, 10 dead American soldiers, and 137 wounded Iraqis, and thats just what we know about for sure. But, the quagmire drags on with no end in site. Longer then it took to beat Hitler and Japan in World War 2, but still we are there, and what’s with these Helicopters that just keep crashing over a sudden loss of power. Once again the military is being provided with shoddy epuipment built no doubt by one of the companies that Bush and Cheney are getting rich from. Meanwhile here at home….

4 Responses to “Latest Bush War News”

  1. Buzz Says:

    man even if some of the troops leave we are going to be in iraq for a long long time. money will be poured in a couple of bases will be kept on the soil. what a mess

  2. Bill Says:

    HL why don’t you tell me just how many soliders we lost in WWII. I know it was no were near the small number of troops we have lost in Iraq. As for the War in Iraq that was over in 44 days so you saying that the war is dragging on is wrong. What is going on over there now are Tribes that used to have all the power and now don’t and don’t like it as well as Al-Quida. The only reason that American troops are getting killed are more or less being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The people that are getting killed are themselves. They are killing each other not americans because they don’t want to fight the americans because they know they will loose. Those of you here in the states that don’t see anything but what the news wants you to see have no idea what you are talking about. You hear a bunch of polititions saying that this is the next Vietnam or that we went there for oil or a list of other things that is nothing but crap. The media isn’t reporting half of what is going on there and they wont because it doesn’t help their cause. They didn’t report for shit in Vietnam and our troops came home to people calling the baby killers, murders and the such and now you are doing the same thing just instead of calling the troops that you are calling the president those things. You judge the person in the white house and you have no clue what is actually going on you are reacting to what a bias media is telling you and taking it as truth. The democratic party is no better than the republican party and yet you believe everything they tell you even though there are countless times that they have been proven to be lieing to the people. You say that elections were rigged and yet your own candidate didn’t dispute that he lost and the one that did didn’t have a chance in hell. Even his own home state would support him. You say that Bush and Cheney are making millions from their companys on government contracts and yet the companys that you list Bush and Cheney have no interest in and the companys that they do have stock in they have no control over. For those of you that don’t know there is a report that all polatitions have to file every year showing what they have and the Pres. and VP have to file the same thing so if they were making all these millions that you all claim than the Democrats would be having a field day with them over it and they would be telling the people because that would help them to no end. So the next time that you think that you know all that is going on try again because most everything I have seen on this web site is crap that can’t be backed up.

  3. HL Says:

    Can’t be backed up? thats why all of my comments are preceded by a news story which ususally supports my point of view. You just come on here and spew your psuedo-facts with no back up.

    I don’t know how many soldiers we lost in WW2, but according to you its okay that over 3100 have died in Iraq becuase it’s not as many as WW2. So when does it not become alright? when we hit 10,000?…. 20,000? Hey they are experiencing a man power shortage over there because people are not dumb enough to go die for Bush and Halliburton. Why don’t you re-up? Afterall you think its ok for our people to die over there. If you die, well Hey, at least we aren’t getting as many killed as in WW2

  4. Bill Says:

    So the only thing that you want to despute is my out look as to the number of deaths in Iraq and not the rest that I posted. We first off we lost 30,000 in one month and no one wanted the US to get out of the war than. The point I was making is that everyone is raising hell about the US loosing 3,000 troops in 4 years and we lost 10 times that in one month during WWII not to mention that we loose more than that due to murders, car wrecks, and the such here in the states but no one complains about that. As for a shortage of man power that doesn’t fit with the military having record enlistments. People aren’t dumb and yet they still are enlisting knowing that they will be sent over there and they are re-enlisting knowing that they will be sent back so what does that tell you about this war being nothing but a cash cow for Halliburton. I’ll tell you what it says, Your wrong. You have posted a number of times that Halliburton and other companys are making a killing from the government over this war, well guess what IBM, General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Company profitted from WWII so should they be shut down for what they did. You can say the Bush and Cheney are making money from this war but you can’t show one artcle that backs what you say other than they worked for them. By the same token you can say that the Gore made money off oil thanks to Clinton because of stocks they have in an oil company. People make money off the government every day and no one complains about it one bit, but because Cheney worked for a company that has been doing business with the government since 1919 it is all his fault that Halliburton is making all this money. Ya know before you start blaming people for things you should know the facts. Halliburtin has been getting Government contracts as far back as 1919, they also had contracts in the 1960’s and I guess those are Cheneys fault as well. As I said you post comments that have no proof to back them up. I have posted things on here many times and posted the source with them and you still say that they are a lie so You don’t want to know the truth, you just want to be able to blame everyone else and keep your head in the sand. You say that you research everything and yet you can’t or don’t want to find out facts like this. Some truth