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Laura Bush Ready to Bolt on George

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on February 14th, 2007 10:42 am by HL

Not So Happy Valentine’s Day at the White House?

Daily Kos
Fed up with her hubby’s refusal to deal with their shredded relationship, Laura Bush has told the president that she’s leaving him for a month—and maybe for good! … Her desperate decision comes just weeks after a furious George stormed out on her following another bitter argument. “Laura’s had it!” says the source. “It looks as if their marriage has reached the bitter end.”

[T]he first lady had divorce papers drawn up, and showed them to George, pals say, telling him that if he didn’t shape up she would file. But George has stood by Condi—and now he’s paying the price for loyalty to her.
—The Globe

The deteriorating marriage of George and Laura Bush has reached crisis level—First Lady Laura Bush has secretly hired a divorce lawyer, The Examiner can reveal. …

She remembers what happened to Sharon Bush when she was getting a divorce from George’s brother Neil. She didn’t get the settlement she deserved until she threatened to expose all the family secrets in a tell-all book. … “It’s over,” says the source. “The minute George’s term of office expires, so will their marriage.”
—The National Examiner

H.L.s Take
She’s probably pissed off becuase he is drinking heavily aned using hardcore perscription drugs, (not to mention all the killing) Laura, don’t take the money write the book. (yeah if she did that she might wind up in an accident. Like those other guys that wrote books about the Bush family

17 Responses to “Laura Bush Ready to Bolt on George”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Yeah just like the Clintons several years ago…….oh wait it is only a big deal when republicants are doing it. The donothingcrats get a pass on that one.

  2. onthefenceLibertyrEan Says:

    Did I come to the wrong place? It seems I’ve stumbled upon the tabloids..

  3. HL Says:

    Yes Buzz, just like the Clintons. So I suppose in order to be fair, everytime I report something that has happened to a republican, I should research the entire history of the USA to see if the same thing ever happened to a democrat, and then report it. Hey did you see my comic “You Say You Want a Resolution” I slam democrats and republicans both, I think you will like it, give a check out.

  4. sfliberal Says:

    My God, Buzz. How can you say the Clinton’s got a pass on their marriage problems. It is all we heard about for most of his eight years in office, fueled continually by the NY Times and the Republican’s Arkansas Project. Give me a break!!

  5. Buzz Says:

    I was more referring to the 56 deaths of people involved in or around the whitewater scandel specifically….I was kind of responding to the HL’s take part of the story.

    And no HL you don’t have to compare it to a republicant. My point was just to show that both sides disobey, bend, or contort any laws you and I would end up in Sing Sing for breaking.

    I am tired of idiots on these boards acting like the donothingcrats are any better or worse than the counter part across the aisle. BOTH ARE BAD FOR THE COUNTRY.

    Maybe HL between your bashing of the republicants and your brown nosing of the donothingcrats you could spotlight an independents views or ideas from time to time. You are driving the vehicle that would let you inform people of other options. You just choose not to do it.

  6. sfliberal Says:

    56 deaths of those around Whitewater… Buzz, I guess you must have been an early and constant subscriber to the Arkansas Project newsletter. When are you people ever going to get over this?

  7. Buck Says:

    How did you get the Tyranasauraus Rex to bend over and be still?? Because this crap must have been pulled out of the very last dinosaur’s deep dark ass! Where do you get this crap???

  8. K-Si Says:

    To quote an old saying. – You people are so full of S__t, your eyes are brown.

  9. Buzz Says:

    if the sf in sfliberal has anything to do with San Francisco don’t bother responding. The people in around and from that city are from another planet.

  10. sfliberal Says:

    Hey Buzz. Good job parsing my name. If you had written your comments as questions, the answers are yes and yes. You are now the one who needs to worry about us taking over your planet.. we already have the Speaker’s job but that is only the beginning.

  11. Buzz Says:

    it was a statement not a question. and yet you responded anyway

  12. Bill Says:

    Buzz you can’t expect someone that thinks about having sex with his or her own sex as being smart enough to understand that you didn’t write either of those as questions. As for the people of San Fran being from a different planet that is not true it is were all the tree huggers have gone to who think that the planet shouldn’t have people on it at all but wont kill themselves to support their point.

  13. CrazyEddie Says:

    What’s new with divorse these day anyway? Isn’t it obvious when people marry for something other than love of Jesus, this happens?

  14. HL Says:

    Hey crazy eddie, then I guess they should marry Jesus instead of each other. Yeah thats the ticket

  15. chevytexas Says:

    Buzz, the sfliberal crowd in that great City have a legitmate reason for being “far out”, which is illegal, of course,
    and that is pot for breakfast, pot for lunch, pot for dinner, and bring your potluck to church if you can find one in SF. Walk from Pier 39 up Knob Hill, and you will be stoned into another dimension and wondering why on earth you are paranoid. I lived there two years in the 80s and it was the devil’s paradise. Everybody is stoned in San Francisco. They can’t make sense about politics makes no difference how much they try.. (or anything else for that matter)

  16. HL Says:

    Well hey, everyone was stoned all the time in the 80’s I spent time up there back then and had a blast.

  17. Slick Willy Says:

    Hey – Lay off insulting people who smoke pot. I am smoking pot right now.