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Man Convicted of DUI For Walking Bike Across His Own Front Lawn

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on December 21st, 2006 12:33 pm by HL

How much more insane must are laws get. Every year more new and tougher laws are enacted here in the U.S. for every type of offense. We are already the most incarcerated nation in the world with more people doing more time for more ridiculous things then China, Russia, and every other nation in the world. Of course as usual its all about fear mongering. Politicians warn you that you are not safe, and everyone cowers in fear, and god forbid the politician that wants to try to bring some sense of reason back to the laws. When that happens the fear mongerers (usually republican) scream out that said politician is “Soft on Crime” and all the Soccer moms and scared republcians run out and vote for the guy who is trumpeting fear. Check out this Video of a guy convicted of drunk driving. He was walking his bike across his own lawn, a cop pulled up and ticketed him for not having a headlight on the bike (!?!?) Then arrested him for DUI because he had one or two. Unbelievable.

11 Responses to “Man Convicted of DUI For Walking Bike Across His Own Front Lawn”

  1. Outlaw Says:

    The reason we have more people doing time than Russia and China is that they enforce Capital Punishment. And they say that it doesn’t work. Russia and China have proven that wrong.
    As for this stupid law it is no different than laws that are still on the books for the founding of this country. One state it is legal to shoot a salesmen who steps up on your porch. A group of states it is still a hanging offence to steal livestock. Another state still has the law before you drive your car into town there has to be someone running 50feet ahead of you yelling “Horseless Carriage Comming” and you think this law that Ohio passed is dumb try running through town infront of your car and tell me that isn’t dumb. It has to do with money and that is it.

  2. deejaays Says:

    No one should drive while drugged, drunk, tired or distracted by cellphone.

    A device should be installed in each car with a numeric display and a keyboard. A 6 digit number should be flashed on the display for a few seconds. That number should be entered into the keyboard. Otherwise, the car should not be started.

    Thirteen thousand deaths and many more injuries each year are significant. Just think how guilty you would feel if you injured or killed someone while driving impaired.

  3. onthefence Says:

    The Philadelphia Convention voted to keep deliberations secret and decided to draft a new fundamental government design which eventually stipulated that only 9 of the 13 states would have to ratify for the new government to go into effect (for the participating states). Congress unanimously submitted the proposal to the states and set the terms for representation.

    Article Four provides for the creation and admission of new states. Like Iraq? Afganistan? Puerto Rico?

    The Library of Congress has a leadership role in the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, authorized by Congress in December 2000. The Library is collaborating with other federal agencies as well as other organizations and individuals in the information community in developing this important program. The mission is to develop a national strategy to collect, archive and preserve the burgeoning amounts of digital content, especially materials that are created only in digital formats, for current and future generations.

    >> Go to the NDIIPP Web Site for more information

  4. SMOKEY 1 Says:

    HAVE A DRINK ON ME , YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. HL Says:

    We may still have ridiculous laws on the books like the one outlaw mentioned about yelling “horseless carriage” but there is a difference between a century old law that is no longer enforced, that no one ever bothered to take off the books, and the law that the DUI bike guy got busted by which was just recently passed. They keep making the laws tougher because lots of people make money on having too many laws, Cops (of course) lawyers, congressmen, judges etc. Also now they are privatizing prisons. The prison industrial complex. The more people in jail, the more money they make. That is why drugs will never be legalized. They make money, and without treatment those people will just keep going back to jail $$$$$ Jackpot Bonanza….

  6. Outlaw Says:

    HL they aren’t making the law tougher they are just removing the wording the spells it out for them. By removing words in it they make it vage enough to cover just about anything.

  7. pc Says:

    I enjoy how he said trillion instead of billion. Trillion is slightly more than Billion if I’m correct.
    This guy has a point to a certain degree, but laws against drunk driving are there so people don’t get killed.
    I’m not quite sure whether his point was that laws ban alcohol or what, but he seemed like he didn’t really give much of a thought to how many deaths over 400 is. Knowing just one of those people is huge, and if the laws loosen up a little it would just get worse.

  8. 8307c4 Says:

    If you don’t drink, you have less problems, a lot less.

    I’m not exactly sure why alcohol is legal, but what I do know is once you drink or get drunk, you are no longer as capable of defending yourself, probably because alcohol clouds your judgement. No, this is in addition to impairment, a single 12 oz can of beer leaves you blind for a good 24 hours, and in that time the sobs can have their way with you because you are incapable of seeing it coming, thus by the time you start defending yourself, you’re already in the middle of the fight.

    Stop drinking, and you see the mofos coming and you can run away long before they create the problem for you, there is still need for defense in that sense, but you defend yourself before the hassle even begins, thus avoiding the entire ordeal.

    I do agree, a DUI on a bicycle in your front lawn is horsecrap, even more so if you were walking it, but this is how the sob’s in this country will boink you time and again.

    It’s just the way it is, it’s a cruel world out there.

  9. Jack Says:

    Man Convicted of DUI For Walking Bike Across His Own Front Lawn

  10. Jack Says:

    This article very good.. i put this article to my bookmarking page. thx for post.

  11. Bellocchio Says:

    Well I must agree that it is time to stop making new laws, and revisit the old with an objective scruitiny. This is the result of human error which I see all of the time. Everyone wants to do something, to add something and then list that as a personal accomplishment of solely their doing. This creates a sense of satisfaction, as well as a marketing tool for elections processes. I truly believe that it would be more constructive to stop creation of new laws to some level and spend a large amount of time and consideration to review existing laws. All of them.

    Good day to you all,