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September 24, 2004.

Greetings from New York

Hey guys how's it going. Sorry no report for the past 2 days. I spent yesterday travelling to New York, and today was my first courtdate. My lawyer is fighting this thing, because he thinks the arrests were illegal. I am going to fight it as much as I can. So today we went in and got our first postponement. The next court date is November 1, The prosecutors are trying to get as many people as possible to take ACDs which is means that if you get into trouble in the next 6 months the case can be reopened. But we are pleading Not Guilty. If we all plead not guilty we will jam up the court systems and they will have to dismiss the charge, clearing the way for a better lawsuit. Ok well its late night here in my hotel, so I am heading out now. A more complete report tomorrow Fight on H.L.

September 27, 2004.(If you checked in earlier see part 2, below)

Hey people thanks for tuning in even when I was away. I'm back in L.A. now so were ready for some more posting. Like I said the other day, I am fighting my arrest all the way and not taking the ACD, my next court date is November, 1.

I was reading an article in the Counter Punch about how Bush is going around to all the small towns that he campaigns in and is dissing all the "Hollywood Liberals" who are supporting Kerry. Bush tells the crowd that these "H.L's" are a bunch of Communists and that the heart and soul of America is right here in (insert name of small town here). Well of course this pisses me off. Although I would like to thank the monkey for plugging my site. Heres the article followed by the response that I wrote into the chimp.

'Applauding only the 'right' entertainers'

H.L. Responds: Hollywood Liberals, Hollywood Liberals, Hollywood Liberals, Thats all Bush thinks about. Thank god for Hollywood, if it wasn't for us, Bush might win in a landslide. The heart and soul of America is found right here in Hollywood. We even have our own website: www.thehollywoodliberal.com please visit us if you love your country. Thank You and God bless America

Gotta go take care of some stuff, but I will posting more this evening. I know I sometimes say that and then end up not doing it but this time I really will. (I think) tune in later tonite. thanks again. H.L.

Part 2

O.K I'm back, I got a little less then an hour until Monday Night Football. Which reminds me that I have a Football page on here that I never get a chane to work on. If there are any hardcore NFL fans who would like to take over the page, and send me Football stuff to post, contact me.

I just read a great article about the debates, and how the media spun Bush to look like the winner of the debates with Gore, even though Gore killed him on the facts, and the issues. This story by William Hare, in Political Strategy, had many outstanding insights. As a Hollywood insider with many years in the TV business I have personally seen the way that the media can influence people's thinking. This is a good one, check it out.

Media Snake Oil: Bush Praised as a Great Debater

I hope Kerry has studied these debates and learned from them. He can prove Bush to be an idiot without going over the top on long winded wonkisness but he still has to come across as a "regular" guy. He can do that by taking a page out of the book of GWB Jr. himself. It's a delicate balance.

Election Heightens Terrorism Offensive

This is a pretty scary story have a look. Ok guys thats it for todays episode, see you all tomorrow same bat time, same bat channel (give a take a few hours)


September 28, 2004.

Here's another idea for the logo. I just called a freind of mine who does T-Shirts. He'll be calling me back soon, so I can see what kind of deal I can get. I put the first logo idea up in the top left corner where the regular sign used to be. This one is similar but different.

Some people just have no respect










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