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September 29, 2004.

Hey there everyone, Well tomorrow is the first of the so called big debates. You know the ones where the debaters know the questions in advance,(So Jr. can memorize his soundbite answers in advance) the debates where there is only a set amount of time to give answers to the questions. (So Bush only has to fumble and stumble for a brief period of time, and so Kerry can't get into too much detail about his plans for a better America). The debates where no follow up questions can be asked (So as my friend Bartcop says, Kerry cant say to Bush, "Why don't you just answer the Fucking question." When Bush delivers one if his little sound bites that have absolutely nothing to do with the question that was asked.) Of course Kerry agreed to all these rules, just like Gore did 4 years ago, and as William Hare pointed out The networks claimed Bush won the debates even though in reality Gore mopped the floor with Jr. Well its all set up to happen the same way again tonight. The networks will all say what a great orator, and genius debater Bush is by midnight tonight. Way to go John.

Speaking of William Hare, I got an email from him regarding my comments two days ago about his article on the debates, Media Snake Oil: Bush Praised as a Great Debater Which I found to be excellent writing.

Hi H.L.:

Thanks for your kind comments on the PoliticalStrategy.org site and thanks also for linking the article to your fine publication. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to be associated with a site obviously existing in the interest of communicating the truth without hesitation or compromise. I have visited your site before and intend to do so regularly. I read with interest your article about your experiences in New York City. I am sorry you were subjected to this injustice. This is becoming alarmingly a regular thing in political circles these days when people take progressive stands. The Bushies are taking all kinds of bold Orwellian steps this year to prevent people from voting in the upcoming election. Hopefully enough of these brazenly intimidating efforts will be thwarted to allow motivated citizens under such duress to vote. This is an unfolding American tragedy that has seen too many tragic chapters already. Since corporate media brainwashing is playing such an inherent role in this election cycle I will be devoting significant attention to it in the new series I am just launching, Media Snake Oil. I include herewith my latest effort that I just sent to the site on recent efforts to make Bush look like the great and boldly imaginative leader he is definitely not. Congratulations on your highly informative site. Keep up the good work!

Bill Hare

Mr. Hare is writing a series of articles about how the media is spinning the campaign, you can see all the stories at the Political Strategy website

The Media Snake Oil series by Bill Hare.

Heres something funny I found on WTF Is it now? Check out this site.

t's gotta be a budget: it's got lots of numbers in it
Bunnypants talks to Faux Nooze gasbag Bill O'Reilly, September 28, 2004:

O'Reilly: How will the federal government ever pay off the federal deficit, in your opinion?
Bush: By being fiscally wise and growing our economy. {Chirp!}
O'Reilly: Do you think it can be paid off in our lifetime, though?
Bush: The deficit, yeah. You mean, for, - have the revenues exceed the expenses in the budget? Didn't Karl have you sign a loyalty oath?
O'Reilly: See, we have a big deficit here�
Duh-byuh: You're talking about the debt or the deficit?
O'Reilly: The deficit, touchhole!
The CEO preznit: Yeah. {Sound of synapses frying}
O'Reilly: Well people are saying that because we have to fight this war on terror, because of the tax cuts, oh and you know how the propaganda, it�s all over the place� {Ed: 'propaganda'??}
The MBA from an Ivy League school guy: No, I think we can - of course I think we can balance the budget - as a matter of fact, I put out a hand, a budget that says we�ll cut it in half in five years, now, that's going to mean that the Congress has got to be fiscally wise, with our money. 'Put out a hand'?? Well, at least I didn't say 'at the whim of a hat' again. Anyways, please let him change the subject, please, Jebus


O'Reilly: All right, do you think you got any preferential treatment getting into the Air Guard during Vietnam?
Bush: Cool! Easy! No. I don�t. As a matter of fact, the general that - or the commander of the unit Buck Staudt, said, said the same thing. No.
O'Reilly: So you don�t think you got any preferential treatment because you were a Bush
Bush: I don't. If I did, I have, I�m not, - I�m not aware of it, and again, the, commander of my unit, Buck Staudt, said the other day, publicly, I got no preferential treatment. {So phthththththth!}

- transcript was "edited for clarity" by Fux.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Bill O'Reilly gets ready to
blow the pResident.

  9/29/2004 11:36:57 AM: link to this post

I just saw a Zogby (Who is the most pro Bush pollster) poll saying the 60% of young men believe that the War in Iraq was the wrong move for Jr. It says they have "No confidence" in the monkey. This is significant in that Young males usually scew toward the Republican candidate, although many of course don't vote at all. With the possibility of the draft looming, this will get these slackers off thier asses this time and out to the polls. If 60% vote for Kerry, that could be the deciding factor in the election. I mean come on: Women hate Bush, Blacks hate Bush, Latinos Hate Bush, If the young white men don't vote for him, what does he have? (I mean beside the Supreme Court, and his brother fixing it for him in Florida)

60% Young Male Voters: War in Iraq, �Not Right Decision�;

Heres one sent in by my friend The Legal Anarchist. Its a Hollywood related story, and You know how much we love Hollywood stories. This one is all about how the military influnces producers to only make movies that make the military look good, No bad publicity, or you won't be getting to use any tanks, planes, ships etc. Its from Mother Jones check it out.

Operation Hollywood

With the bottom line on profit, most of these moviemakers will sacrifice their artistic vision, so they can get the movie made, which means they will change a script to make the Pentagon happy. Back in the old days people like Francis Ford Coppola would have told the Pentagon to go screw itself. Coppola went to the Phillipines when he made the greatest war movie ever. Apocalypse Now. This way he didn't have to cowtow to The U.S. Army. Imagine if they would have seen that movie before it came out.

I was browsing The Jon Stewart clips on the site for The Daily Show, Since I don't watch TV, but love this show the site is a great way for me to see what I missed. I came across one of Bush giving his speech at the U.N. last week, Stewarts take on what George is thinking is hilarious, check out the rousing ovation that Jr. gets as he speaks as well.

Face the Nations

(sorry that video is no longer available H.L. 8/13/05)

Ok thats it for now, Thank you for tuning in. We here at the H.L. love all our readers.Check out the rest of the site, and come back often for more fun.


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