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September 16, 2004.

Tech Talk

Good morning everyone who's out there awake at 7:30 AM, I happen to be up this early because I have not gone to bed yet. I have been glued to this chair working on the site, for about 6 straight hours, and it feels like its been about 45 minutes. I spent about 6 or 7 hours last night as well. Time flies when your working on computers. Now you may be asking what I've been doing for all those hours if you didn't add any new info? Ok well first of all this website is now HTML CSE Validated. That means that the HTML code on this page is perfect. This is kind of important in the tech world although most people dont know it, not even heavy internet guys. I have also had the front page redone using CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets) which now makes the front page completly XHTML compliant. XHTML is the newsest generation of website code, and will eventually replace HTML, so I am way ahead of the curve. I spent part of last night learning how to use CSS, so I can make the entire site balls out state of the art. This will eventually lead to me getting heavy web recognition. If you notice at the bottom of this page there is a little certificate from W3C. These guys are in charge of Running the internet. So this here website is a streamlined, hot rodded, banshee on wheels. But hey thats not why you tune into this thing, I mean this is not That all computer geek network here. So lets get to some stories. Here's one I found by the great Jimmy Breslin.


Making call on sham of political polling

Heres another good one from Niel Rogers.

10 Things I hate About Bush

by Alphonso Vistoso

Ok Its now 8:30AM, Time for me to get some sleep. More postings later. Thanks for tuning in. Don't forget about The NY Court Date trip report coming next week

September 17, 2004.

Hey eveyone, how's it going? Here's the transcript of an interview that Alex Jones did with Stanley Hilton. A former Chief of staff of Bob Dole. He is suing Bush, Cheney, et al. for the role they played in 9/11. Mr Hilton claims to have evidence, and witnesses that can prove it. He says, not surprislingly, that he is being harassed by the FBI, for bringing this lawsuit. One to two years ago, the information that was coming out on websites like Rense.com from which this is taken, was being dismissed as conspiracy theroy. Stories about how the Weapons of Mass Destruction we're fabrications, and how Bush was lying to get us into a war. Those stories are now in the mass media, and are taken as fact. Hopefully in a year or two from now, these stories that are starting to trickle out about how our own government planned and executed 9/11, will follow a similar path. They will do every thing in thier power to stop that from happening but hey they brought down Nixon, maybe it can happen again. Check out the interview with Mr. Hilton, and decide for yourself.

Government Insider Says Bush Authorized 911 Attacks

Here's a couple of interesting pieces suggested by my friend The Legal Anarchist. The first one is about how the U.S Government, namely the Bush administration, and the American Holy Christian Church. Have basically merged, and become one body, with the annointed one George W. Bush as the Big Kahuna. Its a long story, but very interesting. So sit down in front of the fire place with a nice glass of wine, and a fine cigar (ha ha) for some light reading.

The Yurica Report

The Despoiling of America

I just found out a little while ago that Johnny Ramone had died. I had heard that he had Cancer. I was a big Ramones fan ever since I saw them play a few times in the early to mid 80's. If you ever got to see them play you know what I am talking about. These guy played hard, fast, and relentless, not to mention loud Rock N Roll. Its hard to believe that all 3 of the main members of the band are dead, within 3 years of each other, and that nobody will be able to experience them again. Heres an interview with Johnny done just recently from Rolling Stone.

Johnny's Last Stand

It's Alive

September 18, 2004.

Good day everyone, How you all doing today?? I wrote up a little piece that I submitted to The Smirking Chimp. Its about the election race that we currently find ourselves in, and why. Here it is check it out. H.L.

Why Is This Race So Close?

by The Hollywood Liberal

I was just looking at the state-by-state poll map which you can find on the left column of this website. Now it is saying that Bush is way out ahead with a possible 327 electoral votes assuming that all the close races stay the way they are from now until election day. They do point out that there are over 100 electoral votes up for grabs in states where the vote could swing either way. The candidate that gets the majority of those votes will win the election.

Its also been said that only 3 states will actually decide the election this year. Those states are Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Florida. The theory being that whoever wins 2 of these 3 states, takes the election. Stories are now coming out about how Jeb Bush is already taking steps to give his brother and unfair advantage in Florida. Apparently they sent out the absentee ballots with Nader's name on them despite the fact that a Judge ruled Nader not eligible to be on the ballot. The reason they did not remove Nader from the ballot, had something to do with the fact that they worried about the Hurricane coming (?????) I've been saying for a while not that The Democrats should concede Florida, and concentrate on trying to get enough electoral votes from the remaining 49 states to win the necessary 270 needed to win. That would leave only Pennslyvania, and Michigan according to the three state scenario. Kerry currently holds the lead in Michigan, and I think he will be able to hold on there. Which takes us to Pennsylvania. Bush has a slight lead there right now, and I would not be surprised to see him hold on to it, which would mean we are all doomed.

Of Course this could all turn around between now and Election Day. There are over 100 electoral votes up for grabs, and whoever fights the best fight, and says the right things between now and then will win the election. (This is all assuming a fair vote of course, which as we all know after 2000, is anything but a certainty.)

As many people realize this race should not be this close. It almost seems that Kerry is doing just as Al Gore seemed to do in 2000. That is it seems he is trying to lose on purpose. This is a very real possibility given that both Bush, and Kerry, are members of Skull and Bones, who's sole purpose is to work together to benefit everyone in the club. If Kerry were not trying to lose on purpose he might be hammering some of these points every time he opens his mouth

1. George W. Bush is a Liar. He is not a fabricator, not a misleader, he is a liar. Why is Kerry afraid to use that word. When you call someone a liar, there is no getting around that. It is a charge that demands a defense, and Bush has no defense. Kerry should be pounding Bush with specific examples of Bush lies. Ex. Weapons of Mass Destruction.

2. Osama Bin Laden is still running free. They didn't mention him once during the convention, and the Republican owned media never talks about him anymore, its almost as if he never existed. Kerry should be banging is fist on the podium and saying. "Hey George where's Osama? You said you were going to smoke him out of his cave and bring him to justice. That was 3 years ago. So Where is he George? Is it that you don't want to find him because his family and yours are close business associates?

3. If George Bush is re-elected Women will lose the right to choose on the issue of abortion. It's a virtual certainty that at least 3 Supreme Court Justices will retire in the next 4 years, When they do Bush will appoint Conservative religious judges which will eventually overturn Roe Vs. Wade, making abortion illegal. Taking away all women's freedom of choice. Isn't that what this country is supposed to be about. Bush wants to take away your freedom. Kerry should be specifically reminding all women of this everytime he speaks. If he gets enough women who did not vote last time involved in this he will win the election just on this one issue. But does he really want to win? And finally

4. If George Bush is re-elected, you young people out there will be forced to go off to Iraq, or some other desert country to die in the sand. That's right, you know that the draft will be reinstated if Bush wins. That means anyone under 30 will be forced to go and die for George. He is trying to take away your freedom. Isn't this what this country is supposed to be about? Freedom? He should be reminding all young people of this every time he speaks. If he got enough young people involved in this who did not vote last time, he will win the election on this one issue alone. But does he really want to win?

It all seems so simple yet its so complicated I know why that is but Someone needs to slap Johnny upside his head and make him get his butt in gear

September 19, 2004.

What really happened.com

U.S. Aircraft Massacre 44 Iraqi Villagers


A key question from a slain GI's mother

September 20, 2004.

Our New Logo

I've been playing around with an idea for an H.L. logo. One that I am going to put on T-shirts, and Bumper Stickers Heres the first one I came up with. Tell me how you like it

Beware of taggers










September 21, 2004.

Legal Issue's

Only 3 more days until my day of reckoning in the New York City Court building. I want to start out by thanking The New York Lawyers Guild These Guys have been all over these bogus arrests like pack of hungry pit bulls on a 72oz. sirloin. I got a call from them, and they already have a Lawyer who is going to be there with me in court. I talked to him yesterday, he told me he was especially apalled by the World Trade Center arrests, which I was caught up in. He want to fight this thing all the way. I found out that if they drop the charges, or I'm found not guilty, that I can sue for more later. If I take the ACD (Adjounament in comtemplation of dismissal) Then I can't sue for Malicious Prosecution, which was what this was. So we'll see what happens on Friday.

And now here'sMichael Moore with a message:

Put Away Your Hankies...

By now you've all heard the news That CBS, and Dan Rather, had to apologize, over the Bush National Guard story. It must be really rough being a paid whore, You have to apologize to the master even when you know your right, and he's wrong.


...Speaking of Phony Documents

Heres something funny from

Bush Speaks

George Bush is a hero











September 22, 2004.

Shocking News Story of the New Millenium

Network News Does Its Job

I know it sounds hard to believe, but ABC News actually reported some truth yesterday. They used Video to catch The Monkey in a lie. Of course Bushs' people will claim it was a mistake, or that Bush was misled, but he is a baldfaced, Lying scumbag. Peter Jennings played a quote by Bush commenting on something Kerry said, then they played what Kerry acutally said. Check it out, this is priceless.

Watch the monkey lie again.(Sorry the video is gone, cant find it anywhere else H.L. 8/11/05

Here's a story that shows that it really is about the oil, stupid.

Crude Dudes

The plan was to take Iraq, way before 9/11. Why? Because they have the second largest oil reserve in The World. Exxon/Mobil, and Haliburton Need that oil. Its either that or we start devising alternative sources of energy, like Jimmy Carter wanted to do way back in the 70's. But noooo, then the oil companies might not make quite as many billions as they do now. So what to do? Invade Iraq, and take the oil. By the way the largest supply of untapped oil in the world is in Russia. So you know they won't be thinking of going in there and starting a war to get at it, if they can't even control Iraq.

Heres a story from Counterpunch, about How Dick and the boys only cared about that oil.

Cheney's Oil Maps, Can the Real Reason for War be This Crass?

They had Iraq, all mapped out. Where the oil was, where the piplines were, Where the refineries were, they just needed to win the election, so they could use the military so they could go in there and get it

Judicial Watch, who sued, for and won, the right to know what was going on in those meetings Got ahold of the maps and related data, after a federal judge finally ruled that Dick had to hand over the documents.

Here they are

Lets close off with another funny one from Bush Speaks

You have a dirty mouth, you know that?










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