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January 19, 2005.

Whorer Story of the Day

The L.A. Times

Bush Rewarded by Black Pastors' Faith

Pay me MILWAUKEE Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, one of this city's most prominent black pastors, supported Democrats in past presidential elections, backing Bill Clinton and Al Gore. This fall, however, the bishop's broad face appeared on Republican Party fliers in the battleground state of Wisconsin, endorsing President Bush as the candidate who "shares our views." What changed? H.L.s Take: Yeah Sedge, what changed? What was it that changed your lifetime of support to The Democrats? Did you suddenly realize that every belief that you held dear was wrong? After Bush's contested 2000 victory, Daniels felt the pull of a most powerful worldly force: a call from the White House.
And we all know what a charmer old Jr. can be, Hell he could charm the panties off a nun. I know most Democrats would immediately fall over and kiss the feet of the Monkey if he suddenly called them at home
He conferred with top administration officials and had a visit in 2002 from the president himself. His church later received $1.5 million in federal funds through Bush's initiative to support faith-based social services.
You sir, are a WHORE
Daniels' political conversion, and similar transformations by black pastors across the nation, form a little-known chapter in the playbook of Bush's 2004 reelection campaign and may mark the beginning of a political realignment long sought by senior White House advisor Karl Rove and other GOP strategists. Daniels says it was not the federal money that led him to endorse the Republican candidate last year,
I thought God was against Lying? I guess I didn't read the part that says; unless your getting over a Million
but rather the values of Bush and other party leaders who champion church ministries, religious education and moral clarity.
Also because I believe the War is such a good thing. Thou shalt not kill (*Unless you get paid a lot of ca-ching, for the bling bling)
It was evidence to many religious African Americans that the GOP could be an appealing home.
Never mind that most of the people who attend this church are unemployed, underemployed, have no health care, and are being shipped off to die in Iraq, We're getting PAID y'all
That's exactly the way many conservative Republican and evangelical leaders hope the faith-based program will work.
We like driving Escalades with 26" rims, but really like that Hummer
"The political benefits are unbelievable," says the Rev. Louis P. Sheldon, chairman of the conservative Traditional Values Coalition,
And what could be a more conservative Traditional American Value, then selling out your people for the big payday? Its the American way.
which helped shape the administration's faith-based strategy and the GOP's outreach to black Christian voters. "The Democrats ought to have their heads examined for voting against this."
Did they really think that we would endorse those bastards after we got this sack full of Cash from W.? Hey I thought that tax free thing was a good deal but this, Hallaluja and I don't care if you wind up in Fallujah, my brother
The money that flowed to Daniels' church was part of a broader effort inspired by Bush's contention that religious groups can do a better job than government in providing such services as counseling, education and drug treatment.
And we also knew those whores would get up on that pulpit and lie in front of God and everyone that we were the ones to vote for
In 2003, the administration awarded more than $1 billion to hundreds of faith-based groups, some of which hadn't received such public funds in the past. The White House adamantly denies that the faith initiative is a political tool.
OOOOHHH its not a political tool, Oh Ok, Wow good thing you guys are so honest, I was really misinformed there thanks for setting us all straight
There's no question that the faith initiative combined with the administration's support for banning gay marriage and promoting school vouchers has already helped reshape Bush's image among some traditionally Democratic African Americans. And the change in black support on Nov. 2, though only a 2-percentage-point increase nationwide, helped secure Bush's reelection victory. The gains were greater in battleground states.
That means we can blame you, every time a black man dies in iraq, and when we are all out on the streets with no money, or jobs while you pull up to the church in the SUV, That 2 percent was all they needed, congratulations you have helped ruin America, God bless it
"This is not some new conversion," Daniels said. Daniels said he backed Bush purely on issues,
Yeah, the $$$ Issue Whooo Hooooooo
Despite his endorsement, Daniels said, Democrats such as Sen. John Edwards and former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean campaigned at his church last year, and the Rev. Jesse Jackson appeared on Kerry's behalf. "I cannot say to you that I would not support anything Democratic in the future," he said.
Unless they want to take place in an auction. We will give our support to the highest bidder; I have 1 million, do I hear 2, thats 2 do I hear 3....
Then, holding a worn, soft-cover Bible in his left hand and tapping it with his right, he added: "Where I am, the No. 1 thing is this. This is what I believe. This is what I embrace."
Just then a bolt of lightning struck the Podium he was standing in front off causing it to burst into flames, and the Pastors hair to stand up straight while smoke came out of it. He then dropped the bible, grabbed the Sack full of cash, and in his best Daffy Duck impersonation ran out of the church yelling "Its mine I tell you, all mine. MINE MINE MINE

Gropenator "Terminates" First Californian

He walked out of San Quentin saying: "I'll be Back"

We have killed innocent people with the death penalty


Demonstrators opposed to the death penalty protest the execution of Donald Beardslee at a vigil outside the gates of San Quentin State Prison in San Quentin, California, late January 18, 2004. Beardslee died by lethal injection at 12:01 January 19 at San Quentin Prison for the 1981 murder of 23-year-old Patty Geddling. REUTERS/Lou Dematteis



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