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December 28, 2004.

Rebels Strike Iraqi Forces After Bin Laden Call

By Aimer al-Aimery
TIKRIT, Iraq (Reuters) - Insurgents overran a police post near Saddam Hussein home town on Tuesday, hauled 12 men outside and shot them in a dramatic show of force, a day after Osama bin Laden (news - web sites) declared holy war on the U.S.-backed election. Iraqi policemen survey the damage to their station after it came under attack by insurgents in Saddam's hometown of Tikrit, December 28, 2004. Guerrillas killed 17 Iraqi policemen and tried to assassinate a National Guard general with a car bomb on Tuesday, hours after Osama bin Laden called on Iraqis to boycott next month's election. REUTERS/Amir Salman The dawn massacre in Tikrit, where the guerrillas also blew up the police station, was the bloodiest in a spate of attacks in Iraq (news - web sites)'s Sunni minority heartlands north of Baghdad; at least five other policemen were killed and several National Guards. The timing of the attacks and broadcast of the al Qaeda leader's audiotape seemed coincidental but together they racked up the pressure on Iraqi voters to stay at home on Jan. 30 and seemed aimed to instil fear in Iraq's new security forces. Both have grave implications for U.S. prospects in Iraq.
EXECUTION-STYLE KILLINGS Hours after the purported bin Laden audiotape was broadcast on Al Jazeera television, calling anyone who voted an "infidel," gunmen swarmed over the Mukashifa police compound, just south of Tikrit, after dawn, police and a U.S. military spokesman said. Rounding up the dozen officers in the compound, they shot them execution-style, gunning down one who tried to flee, a police source told Reuters. They then blew up the station. Five other policemen were killed in four other attacks south of Tikrit around the same time. At Baquba, northeast of Baghdad, a suicide car bomber killed five people and wounded 22, most of them National Guards attending the scene of an earlier bomb.
Is Osama still alive? Not everyone thinks so.
What Really Happened.com

Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Every Democrat in Congress should be ashamed that this was ever concieved, because its true.

                           The New Republican Party Seal.
                           Shafting the Democrats since 2000

He was below 50% before the election, he's below 50% now, but somehow he got more then 50% of the votes
L.A. Times

Reelection Honeymoon With Voters Eludes Bush, Polls Say

Democracy Now

Bill Moyers: "Our Democracy is in Danger of Being Paralyzed"

The election story drones on, despite the fact that Kerry insists he lost
Columbus Free Press

Ohio GOP election officials ducking subpoenas as Kerry enters stolen vote fray

         Where are the wise men today?

Indy Bay.org

US Dollar's Moment of Truth At Hand

Still have to write my story about the Palms Hotel, and The Ghost Bar in Las Vegas, where I was this weekend, stay tuned, talk to you later

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