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December 29, 2004.
                  He won it in a landslide

God forbid the Hotel industry should lose a few bucks, Lets risk the lives of 100,000 people instead... OOOPS!
The Blue Lemur

Tsunami Warining Halted Over Concern for Tourism Industry

The Democrats found a fighter in Washington State who beat the bastards at thier own game
The Nation

Rule One: Count Every Vote

But the game isn't over yet, not as long as the Republicans can still howl like banshees
Tacoma News Tribune

GOP could seek new governor election

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of an asshole chimp....
                                    Gilligan Bush at the wheel

Warning to all religious university students

Be Careful Not to Get Too Much Education

Excerpt: If you get too much education, you might become LIBERAL.
H.L.s Take: This only proves how stupid they really are

Here's a few more good stories
Anti War.com

Bye, Bye Unipolar World

Boston Globe

You can't blame 'Uncle Sam' for what Bush does

Heres one more from In contempt
                A great site
The Village Voice

Homeland Insecurity

The American empire goes for broke´┐Żand it could be heading that way

Peace Out. H.L.

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