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November 10, 2004.

We've got The Toxic Avenger in the Green room waiting to come out, but first these stories.

Is He Leaving To Become Chief Justice of The Supreme Court?

                    Lets go to the mailbag

Bush Moves Quickly on Ashcroft Successor
(AP) - President Bush is moving swiftly toward naming a successor to Attorney General John Ashcroft, and White House counsel Alberto Gonzales has emerged as the leading candidate for the job. Two administration officials said Gonzales, a longtime Bush friend who served with him in Texas, was the likely successor to Ashcroft and that the president could act as early as Wednesday. He would be the first Hispanic attorney general

Heres a story about how all the non-religiofantics who voted for Bush should be coming to their senses any time now, and what a hangover it will be.

San Francisco Chronicle

We Were All Dubya's Doormats

This sounds like a good idea, Do you think they would start a civil war over it?

UC Irvine. New U.

California Should Consider Seceding

Heres a story I read on Bartcop.com yesterday, its all about a string of very mysterious Plane crashes involving Democrats,


Was Paul Wellstone Murdered

Toxic Avenger Part 2

Yesterday we had a special guest known as The Toxic Avenger. He is telling us ways to protect ourselves from The Government spying on us, and also all about dangerous stuff, that we should not put in our bodies, like Canola Oil Todays hes back with a few more important items. So lets welcome The Toxic Avenger.

H.L.: How you doing Toxic.

T.A : I'm doing great.

H.L.: So what have you got for us today?

T.A.: Ok lets start off with Aluminum. Now I know that people dont eat Aluminum, but they are putting it their bodies without even knowing it. As it says in the article I am going to show you. "Aluminum is a protoplasmic poison and a pernicious and persistent neurotoxin" Studies suggest that longterm absorption of Aluminum into the body can cause Alzheimers Disease, and other problems. One way that you can be putting aluminum into your body is through deodorant. Many deodorants contain aluminum, and you shoud avoid these types at all costs. Check the label next time you buy it and make sure there is no aluminum in it. Of course the companies that make this product used to use aluminum as a selling point. "Our product is better because we use aluminum chlorhydrate" Just as the canola oil people try to sell it as a better product, its not.

H.L.: You know I never knew any of this until you told me about it, thats why we had to have you on here. Are there other ways that we could be putting aluminum into our bodies?

T.A: Yes there are, 2 big ways, the first is by drinking out of Aluminum cans. If you drink all your soda, or Beer out of aluminum cans, over the long term this can build up enough aluminum in your body to do damage. I suggest that your readers stop using aluminum cans whenver possible and switch to bottles. They may cost a little more, but your health is worth the few extra pennies you will spend.

H.L.: Since you told me this I have cut out aluminum cans. What else?

T.A.: Very important also, make sure you are not cooking in aluminum pots, and pans. Heating up the aluminum when boiling water for example, is not a good idea, The heated water could take on aluminum deposits that will end up in your body, and aluminum is not meant to be part of the human bodies makeup. For more info check out this article

Aluminum info

H.L.: So you have one more for us today dont you?

T.A :Thats right H.L. we are going to talk about Flouride

H.L.: Now I have heard stories about Flouride. From what I understand it is a toxic industrial chemical that costs a lot of money to get rid of, so The Government as a favor to industry, in order to save big chemical companies the money it takes to safely dispose of flouride, decided to dump it into our drinking water instead. Wasn't that nice of them."

T.A.: That right H.L. This has been going on for decades. The Government uses the lame excuse that the flouride in the water supply helps our teeth, but nothing could be further from the truth. Actually flouride which is in most toothpastes as well as the water supply to a great deal of the country, actually causes teeth to become loose, and causes gum disease. Its another example of the health industry doing the exact opposite of what they should be doing to keep you healthy.

H.L.:Of course, If they don't get you sick, how are they going to make any money curing you

T.A.:Or how can they make any money keeping you in a hosptial until you die

H.L.:Well I think that our readers by now all know to never trust the Government for anything. I guess the only way to combat this is bottled water if you live in a place where there is flouride in the water supply and non flouride toothpaste.

T.A.:Thats right H.L. There are several non flouride toothpastes available, I would suggest that you switch to one of them and stay with it. Also everything that I have talked about is well documented. You can do a search of any of the things we have discussed here, and find a multitude of information on any of them. For now heres some information on Flouride

Flouride Action Network.

H.L. I want to thank you for coming in and giving us this important information. Come back sometime and give us some more

T.A. I'd be glad to

Ok thats it for today tune back in tomorrow for more H.L. See you then, bye

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