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October 13, 2004

                      Its a beautiful day here in L.A.

By now you've heard about this Sinclair Broadcast group, who's president is a guy named David Denniston Smith is forcing their many affiliates around the country, many of which are located in swing states, to broadcast an Anti-Kerry "Documentary" a couple of days before the election. But...Did you see this?

Broadcasting official charged in sex stakeout

Sinclair president, woman arrested in company car

Edition: FINAL

Section: NEWS

Page: 2B

Byline: SUN STAFFPeter Hermann


The president of Baltimore-based Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc., which owns the local Fox television affiliate, was arrested Tuesday night and charged with committing a perverted sex act in a company-owned Mercedes, city police said. David Deniston Smith, 45, of the 800 block of Hillstead Drive in Timonium, who also is Sinclair's chief executive, was arrested in an undercover sting at Read and St. Paul streets, a downtown corner frequented by prostitutes, Baltimore police said yesterday. Smith and Mary DiPaulo, 31, were charged with committing unnatural and perverted sex act. Smith was held overnight at the Central Booking and Intake Center and released on personal recognizance at 2 p.m. yesterday. DiPaulo's bail status was not available. Officials at WBFF-TV (Fox 45) and Sinclair, one of the fastest-growing broadcasting companies in the nation with 28 television and 34 radio stations, would not comment yesterday. The company had $126 million in sales in the first half of this year. Police said undercover Officer Gary Bowman, on a prostitution detail, was talking to DiPaulo about 9: 15 p.m. in a car at St. Paul and Read streets. She left the undercover car after telling Bowman that ``she had just seen her regular date driving in the area,'' according to court documents. Police said DiPaulo ran across the street to a 1992 Mercedes, registered to Sinclair, and got in on the passenger side. Police followed the car onto the Jones Falls Expressway, where they said they witnessed the two engage in oral sex while Smith drove north. Police said they followed the car back to Read and St. Paul streets, where they arrested Smith and DiPaulo, who lives in the 700 block of Washington Blvd

Even Cheney's family is voting against him

Arizona Daily Sun


Sun Staff Reporters


Despite being a distant cousin to Vice President Dick Cheney, Leonard Smith will vote for Democrat John Kerry. "Tonight's debate actually solidified my support for Kerry," said Smith, junior vice commander of the American Legion's Flagstaff post. Smith, whose middle name is Cheney, said he managed to score tickets to the third and final presidential debate scheduled for Oct. 13 at Arizona State University, in Tempe. Smith and fellow Legion members watched the second debate held in St. Louis while enjoying the Legion Hall's regular Friday night fish-fry...

I'm looking at the State by State Electoral Poll Map, and I don't like what I see. After Kerry holding the lead for the past 5 days, Bush has taken back the lead, and now has enough votes to win if everything stay's the way it is. I'm getting a little pissed here. What the hell is it going to take to get this retarded country to wake the hell up already? I'm seriously thinking of becoming The Canadian Liberal, if Bush wins this election. I can't deal with the fact that half the people in this country are stupid enough to vote for this monkey again. If the election is close, Bush will win. The only hope we have at this point is that so many new voters flood the scene, and win this thing for Kerry. However, the poll will probably swing back and forth for a few more times befor the election. It may even be back in Kerry's favor by the time you look at it.

OK its time to get serious now: A message to Republians (Please feel free to show this to any Republicans you know)

           Its a beautiful day here in L.A.You are getting sleepy. You are getting verrry sleepy. Your eyelids are getting heavy. When I say WAKE UP, You will no longer be ingant, You will be a reasonable, intelligent person You will think for yourself. You will quickly realize that George Bush is a monkey, and you will kick yourself for not seeing clearly You will say to yourself "My God what an Idiot, I have been. You will wonder how you could have been so Out of the loop. OK now you are asleep, you are completly relaxed..... Now WAKE UP.

If you read yesterday you heard me say..."Then each day Yahoo, has it's daily, Bush Blasts Kerry, (or Bush scaldes Kerry, Bush, blisters Kerry, or maybe even Bush ambushes Kerry) on any one of the following. His War record, his campaign promises, Terrorism, or whatever other Bullshit they can come up with to make the ignant, believe that Bush is a real man, and not a talking monkey with an earpiece who can repeat whatever the circus masters say to him.

Well heres today's


Bush Taunts Kerry, Tests Debate Lines

What about this? I thought this was over

Supreme Court to Hear Commandments Case

5 of these people are responsible for the desecration of The United States

You see these guys, you see how old they all are. you know that 5 of them are responsible for putting Bush in the White House. You know that the next president will appoint up to 3 new judges in the next 4 years. Right now Roe Vs. Wade is one vote from being overtuned If Bush appoints only one of his judges, You know The ones who hate "Dred Scott" our civil rights will be gone. Vote Bush out. Do what you can to get the message out. Forget undecideds, find some people who are not voting and sign them up.

Ok thats it for now. Thank You all for coming back and hanging with H.L. See ya tomorrow.

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