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October 12, 2004

Hey people hows it going out there. Well I got another early day of work today. They told me they wanted me to for the most part work 4 hours a day. From Noon to 4, but I've been working more like 10 hours a day, which takes away from my mission, to bring you this website, and to make it different from the rest. Right now with only a few weeks left in till the election, the news is actually a bit slow. The Liberal papers are now filled with old debate analysis, questions about whether Bush was wired, and stories about how he is slowly (or not so slowly,) going insane. Basically just rehashing the same stuff they've been writing for the past 3 years. Hoping that some people who have not been up on the real news will catch on. Then each day Yahoo, has it's daily, Bush Blasts Kerry, (or Bush scaldes Kerry, Bush, blisters Kerry, or maybe even Bush ambushes Kerry) on any one of the following. His War record, his campaign promises, Terrorism, or whatever other Bullshit they can come up with to make the ignant, believe that Bush is a real man, and not a talking monkey with an earpiece who can repeat whatever the circus masters say to him. Here at The Hollywood Liberal, we all know that Bush is a sadistic, barely literate, mentally deficient, psycho killer. Who was wired during the debate, and who is used to pre selected, oath signing audiences, because in the fantasy bubble world that he lives in We are winning the war, invading Iraq, was the correct thing to do, and the economy is going just fine, Thank You.

OK heres something I did not know


Why Bush Opposes Dred Scott

Apparenly its retarded christian right code for Roe Vs. Wade, So will lose the right to choose just like Dred Scott lost the right to be a free man?

Heres something else I did not know. George Bush postponed his annual August physical. Thats right, this bastard is blowing off Physicals again. If you remember back, he did the same thing in 1972, when his body was filled with Cocaine, and he did not want to get caught, so he just splits town, and doesn't take the physical. Well he can't leave town now. Although we all wish we would, permanently. So he just says "Screw you Doctor, I'm not taking it." So what kind of Drugs is he on now.? Check out this story.

Some one named Monish, wrote in to the chimp, the story compares Bush to Elvis, in his 70's Drugged out years. Some one writes in with a classic reply to that. check out this verbal assault.


I am not much of an admirer of Elvis, but I think the Elvis analogy with Dimson is pushing the argument too far, in fact, even in the wrong direction. Whether or not Elvis was incapacitated by booze and/or drugs, there is absolutely no doubt that he was a highly talented human being with the true gift of music. Like most, if not all human beings, he had his faults, and some of those in all likelihood, led him to his demise.Elvis accomplished much musically, as well as in other ways in his life, that are admirable, and noteworthy. Geniuses do often self-destruct in many ways, and perhaps that is what happened to this musical prodigy.Dimson, on the other hand, is a lousy and pathetic human specimen from the get go. THERE IS NOT, AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN, A SINGLE REDEEMING QUALITY TO THIS UNMITIGATED FAILURE THAT HAS TURNED INTO AN ABSOLUTE DEMON WITH TIME, AND WILLFUL ENABLING BY SOCIETY.With or without the booze and the drugs, Dimson is a mentally-challenged menace to society. He belongs in an institution for the criminally insane- in fact, since being handed the ultimate power by a despicable gang of criminals in the Extreme Court, he has only earned a rightful place among hardcore criminals and mass-murderers. Drugs and booze-dependence is only a manifestation of the essential vacuousness of this contemptible con-artist and professional killer.Dimson's hatred, viciousness, arrogance, ignorance, and repulsive nature literally ooze out via his body language- I have noticed this from as far back as 2000 when this monster started to pollute the TV screen with his revolting presence.Therefore, his swagger, eye-rolling, and assorted other disgusting acts of bravado and machismo (note: I AM NOT IMPRESSED; ONLY MORE DEEPLY REPELLED) are nothing that I have not known in the past 4 years- four of the absolute worst years in my life among the human race.To compare Bab's vicious, serial-murderer son to ANYONE, or ANYTHING, much less to Elvis, is a futile, and sometimes wrong, exercise. He may only be compared to the mass-murderers and political mega-killers of history, and ought to be held up as the perfect example of the worst that a human being can be.I will take a completely coked-out and boozed-out Elvis over the vile and contemptible Dimson any day. And so will the whole world.

OK I'm already late for work, gotta go. Later.


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