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October 14, 2004

Final Debate: Did Bush Have The Questions (& Answers) In Advance?

by The Hollywood Liberal

I watched the final debate tonight. This one was held in Arizona, and moderated by Bob Schieffer. I just looked at a poll on Yahoo that had Kerry winning the debate by a margin of 66% to 32%. I agree that Kerry won, of course, but the monkey looked much better then he did in the previous 2 debates. He didn't stutter (too much), and he for the most part seemed calm, and collected. A little too much for this suspicious mind. A couple of days back I read somewhere (I don't recall where) That Bob Schieffer was a hard core Republican and Bush friend and supporter. Well it looks to me like he might have slipped Rove, and Bush, the questions in advance. Don't be surprised if you start reading this in other sources. It could become as big as "Bulge in the back of the Jacketgate." So even with the questions in advance, and each answer carefully memorized so no actual thinking would have to take place up there on the stage, Kerry still won. As I say, Bush came off a little smoother, and the idiot monkeys of this country will look at that, and say "See he looks Presidential," Well not really. He may have come off as almost credible if every word out of his mouth wasn't a lie. See it's easy to look "Presidential" if all you have to do is talk, but if you have to tell the truth, well then, that washes it all down the drain for old Jr.

The debate started off with Kerry talking the same stuff as he has in the first two, about how he's going to hunt down, and Kill the terrorists. I noticed right away, and you probably have too, that everytime Kerry talks about this, he doesn't say we will "capture the terrorists," or "we will bring the terrorists to justice." He wants to make sure that no one accuses him of being weak on terrorism, by saying "we will Kill the terrorists," He is letting everyone know that he is one hardcore M.Fer who is not to be fooled with. Its funny, Kerry is a Catholic, and was an altar boy, but in all that religious training he must have been absent the day they went over "Thou shalt not kill," Kerry also mentions he's a hunter, so he kills innocent animals, killed humans in Vietnam, and he wants to kill more as President. Hey, don't get me wrong Bush is just as much of a killer, and I would rather have Killer Kerry, then Killer Bush. Kerry brought up Osama, and how Bush promised to bring him in, and then said he was not a priority. Bush then came on and said, get this: "I never said Osama wasn't a priority." Lying about an easily proven fact. That's because at this point we know he's lying, and he knows that we know he's lying, (We meaning smart people like the readers of H.L., and Bartcop), but he knows that half this country are brainless idiots, after all he helped bring it about. So he knows its OK to lie, because most people won't ever find out.

There was a question put to Bush about the shortage of Flu shots. and what we should do about it. Bush looked at the camera, and with the stupidest of grins on his face said "Don't get a flu shot." Now I happen to agree with him here. I think that getting unnecessary injections into your body most likely does more harm then good, and I would never get a flu shot, but man, did he look stupid when he said that. He was doing his stupid grinning Alfred E. Neuman (from Mad magazine, What me worry?) pose. Later they went to a split screen while Kerry was talking. Bush had his neck twisted to the side while he watched Kerry talk, and he looked like a damn rooster, it was hilarious. At any moment I expected him to start nodding his head back and forth like he was getting into some unheard song, and start going bu,buck bu buck buck, and then let out a blood curdling rooster crow that you would hear on a farm at 6 AM.

At one point after a Kerry answer Bush replied: "His rhetoric doesn't match his record," but you could tell he had no idea what rhetoric was, he just grinned like he was the smartest kid in the class. Then while he was giving another speech about helping the middle class guy who lost his job, he finished what he had to say early, so he just started the same exact answer again, repeating it word for word, until his red light came on. More evidence that he knew the questions in advance. He memorized his pat answer, but since he was criticized last time for not speaking for his full time allotment, and finishing his answer early again, he just starts the speech over. Like I said, no thinking involved.

Toward the end Kerry did something that I did not expect him to do. Its something Al Gore never did, but Kerry finally went ahead and did it. He mentioned the name of the man who was our last legally elected President, the only man who has fought for the Democrats for the past 12 years. Mr. Bill Clinton. The question was about the assault rifle ban that recently ended. Bush said that he would sign an extension but it never got to his desk because both Democrats and Republicans in congress are against it. Kerry responded, That he would have done whatever it took to win that fight with congress, just like....wait for it,... Bill Clinton did. Then a minute later he mentioned Clinton again, he must now realize that its desperation time, but then again maybe not. One of the final questions had to do with 9/11, This was his last big chance to really nail Jr. to the cross. So what does he do? He compliments him. "Oh Jesus I'm thinking, that's it. Pack up the suitcases. He actually complimented Bush on the way he acted after 9/11. Oh Bill where are you. I hope your heart can take this shit, but we need you. Get out there and smack this boy upside the head and pull this one out for us please. I promise I will never say anything bad about you for killing The California Marijuana legalization law, ever again.

This one just couldn't be ignored

The Smoking Gun

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit

Female Fox coworker details lewd behavior of cable TV star

Now of course Mr. O'Rielly is innocent until proven guilty, even though that scumbag hypocritcal piece of rancid cow dung would never give you, or I, the same consideration.

Here's Another Shocker

KLAS-TV Las Vegas

GOP operatives in Nevada caught destroying Democratic voter registrations

These Bastard, whoring, scuzzball, nazi, punks have no shame, and will stop at nothing

Ok it's been another fun day here in Hollywood, talk to you all tomorrow, bye bye

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