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July 18, 2005
What Really Happened

9th Anniversary of TWA 800 Downing by Navy Missle

The DCCC, has come up with a video to explain why Karl Rove should be fired. As if we didn't know. They also have a petition you can fill out to demand Bush fire Rove. Of course I'll go one better and say Rove should be jailed rather then fired, after all Treason is a Capital Crime. If Rove is fired that will just mean he can't show his face at the White House, he will still be in charge of everything, he'll just work over the phone.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

Tell President Bush: Fire Karl Rove


Reporter: Rove was first source on CIA leak

Excerpt: WASHINGTON - White House political aide Karl Rove was the first person to tell a Time magazine reporter that the wife of a prominent critic of the Bush administration's Iraq policy was a CIA officer, the reporter said in an article Sunday.


Rove and the Right

Excerpt: Former White House political director Ed Rollins says if he were sitting in Karl Rove�s job today, he would not be encouraged by the latest round of polls. The Republican base is holding firm, but that�s the only sliver of good news for President Bush. His Social Security overhaul is a flop, the war in Iraq is not progressing in a way anyone would wish for and the investigation into who leaked the name of a CIA undercover operative has taken over the news cycles.

H.L.s Take: Bush's ratings are never coming back, enough people know what a crook, and murderer, he and his gang of Treasonous Facsist Goons are. Of course part of the reason his ratings aren't coming back, is because he hasn't had them in a long time. He stole the election last year with the help of Skull Brother John Kerry. The only reason he ever had any poll numbers at all was because of 9/11, which his Dad helped to orchestrate. Now that Bush is running out of Political Cover, will the whole thing finally start coming down, as the whole nation finds out the Truth? Should be interesting.

Heres an interesting tidbit I found in an article from May 12, 2003, when Rove was riding high. It was from The New Yorker. A Story called: The Controller: Karl Rove is working to get George Bush reelected, but he has bigger plans. by Nicholas Lemann It explains what Rove was trying to accomplish:

In our last interview, I tried out on Rove a scenario I called "the death of the Democratic Party." The Party has three key funding sources: trial lawyers, Jews, and labor unions. One could systematically disable all three, by passing tort-reform legislation that would cut off the trial lawyers' incomes, by tilting pro-Israel in Middle East policy and thus changing the loyalties of big Jewish contributors, and by trying to shrink the part of the labor force which belongs to the newer, and more Democratic, public-employee unions. And then there are three fundamental services that the Democratic Party is offering to voters: Social Security, Medicare, and public education. Each of these could be peeled away, too: Social Security and Medicare by giving people benefits in the form of individual accounts that they invested in the stock market, and public education by trumping the Democrats on the issue of standards. The Bush Administration has pursued every item on that list. Rove didn't offer any specific objection but, rather, a general caveat that the project might be too ambitious. "Well, I think it's a plausible explanation," he said. "I don't think you ever kill any political party. Political parties kill themselves, or are killed, not by the other political party but by their failure to adapt to new circumstances. But do you weaken a political party, either by turning what they see as assets into liabilities, and/or by taking issues they consider to be theirs, and raiding them?" The thought brought to his round, unlined, guileless face a boyish look of pure delight. "Absolutely!"

A while back I postulated the theroy that both Bush, and Rove were Gay, We already know that they are total hypocrites, so lets take it a step further. Heres an excerpt from a story entitled The Gay Old Party, Have a look

. Now back to mendacity. To curry favor with the Christian Right, the Bush Administration and the Republican Party are decidedly anti-gay. There's really no question about this point. The current head of the Republican Party and its chief fundraiser is Ken Mehlman. Here is a link to an article about Mehlman pushing anti-gay marriage legislation as a wedge issue with voters during the 2004 election. Ken Mehlman has been widely rumored on the internet to be gay. (Mehlman admitted he was Gay right after the 2004 Election. -H.L.) He refuses to answer the question when asked by reporters (although his spokesman does deny it). Mr. Mehlman is single, professionally successful, reasonably attractive and in his late 30s but has never been reported to have had a girlfriend in his adult life. His mentor is none other than Karl Rove, the political Machiavelli behind George W. Bush. There are also rumors around the net, although less persistent, that Rove is himself gay. While decidedly not an attractive man; Rove is single, highly successful and politically powerful yet has never been known in his life to have had a girlfriend.

The trend continues. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has been reported to be gay (link). Interesting

Here is Rove's own version of the first time he met Bush, from the New Yorker article

It was the day before Thanksgiving, 1973," Rove said. "Chairman Bush's chief of staff called me and said, 'I've got to be at a meeting on the Hill, the chairman's got to be at a meeting at the White House, the other people in the office have already gone, and the eldest son is going to be coming down from Harvard. He's going to arrive at the train station, early afternoon. He'll call over here when he gets to the train station. Meet him down in the lobby and give him the keys to the family car." I can literally remember what he was wearing: an Air National Guard flight jacket, cowboy boots, bulletins, complete with the-in Texas you see it a lot-one of the back pockets will have a circle worn in the pocket from where you carry your tin of snuff, your tin of tobacco. He was exuding more charisma than any one individual should be allowed to have."

H.L.s Take: Sounds like Love at first site. This just shows the legnths these bastard will go to achieve power.


Governors: Drivers License Costs to Soar

Excerpt:"It's outrageous to pass this off on the states," said Republican Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, incoming chairman of the National Governors Association. "You're essentially asking the front-line clerks at the DMV to become an INS agent and a law enforcement agent."

H.L.s Take:The Federal Government has passed onto the states, which are already cash strapped because the Federal Government has to take money it doesn't have and give it to the Rich (like Bush, and every member of the Senate) in the form of Tax cuts, the job of Immigration Officials. They have to do that in the interest of National Security becuase of 9/11, so now the DMV gets to figure out who the "Terrorists" are. So don't get too upset next time you have to wait on a long line at DMV, they might deem you an enemy combatant, and dissappear you.

Mc Curtin OK. Daily Gazette

Former DOJ officials claim OKC Bombing coverup began in D.C.

Excerpt:One former high-ranking member of the DOJ said the investigation began with five very experienced FBI commanders appointed by former director Louis Freeh to investigate the bombing. However, the former official explained that after each of those men left the case, a less experienced agent took over the OKBOMB investigation, and the probe into other suspects' involvement suddenly ground to a halt. One person assigned to the bombing investigation said, "I was inside the FBI office when Freeh showed up. There was a loud shouting match with our SAC. "It wasn't long after that Bob Ricks announced he was retiring and taking a job with the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety. He left the investigation and by the time the case was transferred to Denver, the prosecutors were telling the field agents what evidence to bring them." Prosecutors wanted only select evidence, he indicated. "I caught hell for sending in evidence that people at Elohim City were involved. They (prosecutors in Denver) said, �Never send us anything that points to anyone other than McVeigh and Nichols.'"

L.A. Times

Tenor of DeLay Inquiry May Hinge on Key Democrat

Excerpt:But this spring, Mollohan achieved the seemingly impossible. As the senior Democrat on the House Ethics Committee, he forced Republican leaders to back down � twice � from changes they wanted in the panel as it prepared to investigate Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas). He did it by leading the committee's five Democrats in a boycott of the panel, shutting it down for six months, even as ethics questions about DeLay and other House members, Democrats and Republicans, went unanswered. Eventually, Republicans rolled back the measures he opposed.

H.L.s Take:See The Democrats can fight when they want to. I guess this guy hasn't been paid off yet.

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