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October 11, 2004

Here's a story by a writer who is often quoted here at H.L.Jimmy Breslin

Insane reality spins the head

Heres the H.L. email of the day

From Kyle Mc Gruther

Hello Hollywood Liberal. I MET you, man! At least I'm fairly certain I did. Early on in the Pier, sitting at the end of a bench, you came in and partook of the copious amounts of "bologna" "sandwiches" that had been abandoned there. Or did you? Does this sound familiar at all? Anyway, here's my story. Thanks for the service, man! Hope I'm right about the meeting. But hey, it was early on and everyone met so many people then. Cool.

Cheers, Kyle

H.L. Respones:


Those bologna sandwiches were the most disgusting thing I had ever seen in my life, food, or otherwise, I might have starved to death before I ate that, I would just have to live on the bread. I did have a cheese sandwich. Thats all I ate the entire time I was in. Luckily I had a nice Chicken Cutlet and Swiss, on a roll, right before I headed over to the WTC. However, you would remember me if you saw me, I was the only one in there wearing a suit. Thanks for sending in the story, Keep in touch. H.L.

Read Kyle's Arrest Story

I was watching the Yankees Twins game yesterday. Its bottom of the 8th tie score, in a series The Yankees are trying to clinch. So what does Fox do. They leave the game for the beginning of The Dodger game. I mean come on, even here in L.A. that is ridiculous, Its the end of the game that counts. I had to monitor the rest of the game through Yahoo Sports. Doooohhh!!!

Television is just getting stupider by the day

These guys just can't help shooting themselves in the foot


Car Bombs Kill 11 As Rumsfeld Visits Iraq

They are bound and determined to screw this election up just badly enough to give Bush the win, especially now that its starting to look like toast.

Backup Voting System Woes May Loom Anew

Coming Soon: The Hollywood Liberal T-Shirts.

I talked to Roby the T-shirt guy, as well as Heavy duty guitar player. He is going to look at the design I sent him on Monday, and get ready to print up some shirts for me. Hopefully I will have them within a week. There will only be a limited initial run, so If you want one, be ready, I will probably accept money orders only to start, and the price will be very reasonable. You can get them as presents for all the Liberal that you love.

Here is the intital design, this may improve/change before the actual shirts come out.

All the cool people will be wearing them this fall

Kerry is starting to pick up the endorsements of major newspapers. The whole country is finally seeing, what we've know since day 1 back in 2000. The way things are going for Bush right now, I don't see how he can pull out of this, Since we know how unstable that whole crowd is things could get dangerous.

Editor & Publisher

Daily Endorsement Tally: Big Atlanta, Portland, Seattle Papers Pick Kerry


Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising Tour Blazes Acoss The USA

Mike is going across the country to colleges asking slacker students who don't care about politics, and sleep till noon every day, to break with tradition and go out and vote this year. He is drawing crowds of between 7,000 and 12,000 at most of the swing states that the tour is covering. He is coming here to L.A. (even though we are not a swing state) He will be at both USC, and UCLA, I live within 10 minutes of both these schools. Unfortunately both events are for students only. They know that the halls would not be able to hold the 10s of thousands in L.A. who would show up for this. If any students at either school can get me in.Get ahold of me. I would greatly appreciate it. I will even promise to plug your football team in the upcoming USC vs. UCLA game.

OK guys gotta go, Got to be at work at 8:30AM tomorrow morning. I don't know how people do that every day. I usually roll into work around noon. (does that make me a slacker?) Come on that should be worth a free ticket. by the way I am back to watching TV for a living, like I have done for the past 12 years until I got laid off my last job 9 months ago. Ahhh I Love Hollywood. Peace.


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