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H.L.Does Time

October 10, 2004.

George Bush held a meeting with Jesus last night, here's what happened.

Slap, smack, bash

I missed part of the debate last night, and had to catch part on the radio, but from what I saw, Bush didn't do anything to make up for his reputation as a stumbling idiot. Here's a review of the debate from Truthout

That Scary Little Man

H.L. Exclusive

We have obtained footage of the Tiger attacking Roy, from Siegfried & Roy, in Las Vegas. Its a little further down the page so if you don't think you can handle it you may not want to scroll down.

Bush almost lost it when Kerry said we were going it alone in Iraq, He got up like some tough guy and started shrieking. "You tell Tony Blair were going it alone, you go tell Tony Blair," As if what? if I went up to Tony Blair and said that he was going to kick my ass? I don't think so. I've seen pictures of Tony Blair, and he ain't kicking nobody's Ass, he's more into kissing ass, especially Bush Ass. Bush then said, "Go tell Alexander Kwasinevsky of Poland were going it alone" Unfortunately Poland had already announced that they are pulling out of the coalition.

H.L. Exclusive

Ok heres the Tiger attack footage, get ready:

Sorry I had to do it. Its so damn funny

Bush also was unable to even process the idea, that he has ever made a mistake in his life. There was a question asked to name 3 mistakes you've made, and what you did about them. I knew that he would evade the question. Bush answered: "When you ask about mistakes your really talking about Iraq, right? Well I never made no mistake in Iraq blah, blah, blah, lie, lie ,lie.

Gotta go, more later. H.L.

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