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H.L.Does Time

October 8, 2004.

Hey guys how's it going? To start with, I called my attorney, the man who represented all 200+ people who got arrested at the World Trade Center, on August 31, 2004. He called back while I was at work and left a message saying that The charges will be dropped, but it hasn't officially happened yet. When it does he will call me and let me know. The Times and The Daily News have both posted stories saying its a done deal, and I also talked to The Professor, from H.L.Does Time. He was in court yesterday when the deal went down, and he told me all about it.

Heres the H.L. email of the dayfrom Jay E. Kantor, PHD Professor of Medical Ethics NYU.


I was in court yesterday.Charges were dismissed. But I didn't get my camera back.Lawyer says forget about it.-But frankly he just seemed too swell-headed about his general victory to care I was told all those charged will be notified about a lawsuit Too, I was put on to a Civilian Complaint Board charge against our Police Commissioner in behalf of those like myself who were denied medical treatment I am supposed to be interviewed by an investigator Its odd-as time goes by,I get more and more enraged about the whole thing Here is an interview the NYU newspaper did of me:




A class of psychiatry students in the School of Medicine went to their lecture Sept. 1 as they would on any other day and waited for their professor. they would on any other day and waited for their professor. Unlike most days, he never showed up.

A board at the Hudson Valley Veteran's Hospital also waited patiently for its medical ethics expert to appear for a consultation. He, too, was nowhere to be found. Jay Kantor, an NYU professor, could not make either appearance, because he was incarcerated in a jail in lower Manhattan...

Read the whole Interview

Second Debate Tonight

Tonight is the night for all ready for the second debate between The man they call President, and John Kerry, or as he is being called these days JFK. Before the debate he was John Kerry, now he's JFK, The polls that matter are starting to show that Kerry is starting to crawl back into it. As of yesterdays map, which is updated daily, neither party had enough votes locked up to secure the election, with 2 states deadlocked, as it stands right now Michigan controls the fate of the free world. Maybe Michael Mooore should hurry home after his Slacker Uprising Tour, he needs to get his own people going. All Kerry has to do now to keep control of this thing, is to not screw up, and fall into any trap that Rove may set. With the babbling Monkey at the wheel, I don't see how that possible. Bush should come off looking even worse tonight, if not in incoherency, then in record. I'm wondering what king of Bullshit the media will try to feed us, if Bush gets his Ass beat as bad as they say he did last time. Should be interesting.

And Now.....The Dancing Nun

Oh yeah, get down.

Looks like it's working:

USA Today

Election warning causes anxiety

They put out a terror warning about the election to try to scare people, but is the "warning", The real deal this time??

Heres the H.L. email of the day From Rachel

Hey Hollywood Liberal

Thought I would share with you my website latinosporlapaz.org You will find audio of two Pacifica interviews I did when I got back to Houston as well as some pics of the 'Houston 7' after our 40 plus hours of being detained. Other links show a solidarity vigil as well as accompanying audio that was also aired on Pacifica while we were still being held at 'Gitmo on the Hudson'. I think it is important that not everyone in the country thinks those of us in Texas are all right wing nut jobs that support yee-ha as a foreign policy. I am also including my own account.

Thanks Rachel Houston, TX

Listen to Rachel's radio interview about the whole ordeal

I listened to the interview, Rachel tells the story very well. The interview actually starts about 5 minutes in.

Here's a cartoon that tells the story of what happened On August 6, 2001. When Bush recieved the warnings about 9/11. This is another must see.

Too Stupid to be President

Star Trek: The Wrath of Condi

October 8, 2004. Extra

Breaking News:Late Night Addition.

When I said let the lawsuits begin, I didn't think they would happen this fast.

NY Times

Lawyers' Group Sues City Over Arrests of Protesters

I didn't even know they were about to start suing yet. I'm going to have to make some calls in the morning and find out how I get in.

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