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June 3, 2005.
Whats up, I've been working on a new page. Its a slideshow, featuring all the latest H.L. Comics. More slideshows to come. Slideshow

I haven't opened up the dusty old mailbag in a while. The bag has been pretty light lately. If you have anything important, not so important, or funny. Send it in. I'll try to get it on.

Heres one from a guy I got arrested with in NYC at the 2004 RNC

Bring out the mail bagfrom: Ken H.

here's the AP story on the ruling concerning whether the No Protest Zone used in seattle ( yup, dec. 1999) was constitutional. since it's the 9th circuit, it shouldn't have direct effects on nyc,
in solidarity,
ken h.
Court: Police Perhaps Erred in WTO Protest
By GENE JOHNSON, Associated Press Writer
A federal appeals court found Thursday that police during the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting may have erred by keeping some protesters out of a restricted zone based on their beliefs.
The ruling means that some demonstrators may pursue a class-action claim that the city violated their constitutional rights.
The three-judge panel of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed, however, that the city had the right to block off part of downtown Seattle after about 50,000 protesters swarmed the area.
A relatively small number also smashed storefronts and overwhelmed police, causing about $2.5 million in damage.
Protesters sued the city, mayor and then-police chief over the curfew zone, saying it violated their rights to free speech and assembly. They also said their rights to equal protection were violated because demonstrators were barred, but not business owners, workers, shoppers and residents.
Thursday's ruling partly reversed a 2001 finding by U.S. District Judge Barbara J. Rothstein and ordered a new trial on the question on who was allowed into the restricted zone.
"In some instances police conduct may have gone too far and infringed on certain individual protesters' constitutional rights by making the content of their expressed views the test for their entry into the restricted zone," Judge Ronald M. Gould wrote for the majority.
But supporting the curfew zone itself, Gould wrote that a city must be allowed to provide "physical security and the maintenance of order."
Arthur Bryant, an attorney who represented some of the protesters, called the decision "both a great victory and a great loss" because of its mixed result.
Ted Buck, a lawyer for the city, said he was pleased the ruling said the city "has the authority to keep order in the streets."
The 135-nation WTO sets rules for world trade. Protesters claimed the organization promotes international commerce at the expense of human rights, labor protections and the environment.

Heres an email from a guy in Texas who lives in Tom Delay's district that is trying to do all he can to get rid of him.
Check out his websites.
Bring out the mail bagfrom: Richard

The District 22 Poltical Forum is assembled from community groups in Tom DeLays district because we believe that he does not represent the values of the people who live here. If we publicize what he does, in media that the people here will see, we believe he will not keep benefiting from incumbancy and inertia and we can have a different representative.
Would you visit the blog at Delay Watch and the site at Texas and let us know if you can be of some help?

Tech Talk

Hey, how ya doing? I'm going to be doing some heavy site renovation today. I went to a freind of mines yesterday. And was checking out the site on his computer. He has a DSL, and even on that the site was slow becauase it is so huge. I don't notice it at home becuase with my P4 2.8, and the fastest cable modem available, (living in Hollywood has its perks) Everything is super fast over here. I also look at the site at work sometimes but they are on a T1 line which is even faster.
I am going to attempt to streamline the site to make it more friendly with people who are not on the cutting edge of technology. (come on people get with it) I am going to start Syndicating my stories and other stuff, the feed is already up, but I just put a couple of things on it as a test. I am going to be making new H.L. news feeds whenever the new page is posted. I will also put up a page that explains how you can take these syndicated stories and post them on your blogs. using RSS Digest. Its easy. The main page will be only for that days stories, so that I can make permalinks for everything. There will also be new Slideshows eventually. The work never stops. Talk to you soon.

Gotta head out early today. More stories and comics tomorrow
Thanks H.L.

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