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H.L.Does Time

October 7, 2004.

The Hollywood Liberal is a Free Man???

The New York Times

Prosecutors Won't Pursue Cases of 227 in Disputed Protest

I woke up extra early this morning, just couldn't sleep. I checked my email, which includes a list I am on of called RNC Defense. It is a email list for everyone who was arrested at the convention to keep in touch with each other. There were a couple of emails saying that The charges against everyone arrested on August 31, 2004, at the World Trade Center. (One of whom was your humble narrator.) would be dropped. I looked a little further and found this story in the paper. Now this newspaper that I have quoted (The NY Times) has been known to be wrong before, so I will have to talk to my attorney later this morning and get confirmation on this. If it is true, there will be some partying going on tonight in Hollywood, (as well as New York). And oh yeah, let the lawsuits begin. Whooo Hooooo!

To read all about it H.L.s trip to New York and the arrest click on these Complete Convention Coverage and H.L.Does Time

In Other News

Even Newsweek, and MSNBC, have to admit what a Liar Cheney, (aka The Count from Sesame Street) is

Rewriting History

Anyone who doesn't live within walking distance of their jobs. (That is if you have one) should consider moving.

Oil Prices Soar Past $52. a Barrel

They've finally driven Howard Stern off the public airwaves. Thats one less voice of reason, and one more Nazi, Republican pig like Limbaugh to take his place. I stopped listening to the radio, (especially talk radio) a long time ago, but Howard was worth listening too, until he started airing more commercials then program. I guess he won't have to play any commericials not that he will be on satellite radio. (at least for now, you know eventually there will be as many commericials on pay radio, as there are on free radio. No way I would pay to listen to the radio, screw that. The deal was announced at $500 Million for 5 Years. So I guess it wasn't all because of the FCC.


Looks like Tom Delay, has been egregioulsy abusing his power. He's not going to get in any real trouble though, I mean he's a republican, and their above the law.

Toledo Blade

Arm twisted, wrist slapped.

OK guys thats it for now. I have to call my attorney and find out the deal. Talk to you all later. H.L.

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