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September 30, 2004.(Stay tuned for part 2. Coming by 6PM Pacific Daylight Time.)

Another Day in Hell in Bush's Iraq

10 more U.S. soldiers, and 36 others, mostly children, died in Iraq yesterday. How long will this senseless violence continue? Everyday it gets worse over there, but of course Bush will tell you that "Freedom is on the March", and things are getting better in Iraq. Yesterday was the biggest day of death and dismemberment since the whole thing was called "Mission Accomplished". Reading these stories makes me sick. 40% of the idiots in this country still support this insanity, and most of those are not even getting a cut of the money the way Bush, Cheney, and the rest of the Neocons are. Hasn't this country learned anything since Vietnam. We are in another unwinnable quagmire, with more and more people dying everyday so that Halliburton, and The Carlyle Group, can continue to rake in the Billions. Heres the gory details if you can stand them.

Baghdad Bombings Kill 34 Children

Will John Kerry mention this in the debate tonight?, or would that be not nice of him to mention Bush's Failure. This could change some of Bush's rhetoric tonight, and give Kerry the chance to make him look like the murdering, profiteering, sub human that he is. Maybe even the chickenhawk couch potatos will finally see Bush for the Evil incarnate that he is

Here's a blog written by a Girl who lives in Iraq. She reports daily about whats going on over there from a first hand point of view. Interesting reading.

Bagdad Burning

Heres a couple of simple questions for Bush tonight, from Arthur Schlesinger, in The N.Y. Times

  • Do you really believe that there are fewer terrorists plotting against America today than there were before you began the invasion of Iraq?
  • Your version of Christianity supports and blesses preventive war. What relation is this to the Christianity preached by the pope and by mainstream Protestants who oppose preventive war?
  • Since you obviously did not anticipate the troubles in Iraq, what do you plan to do to the incompetent advisers who misled you and are responsible for the deaths of more than 1,000 American G.I.'s and 20,000 Iraqi civilians? Or do you not see an accountability problem? President John F. Kennedy fired the people who led him into the Bay of Pigs. Why do you not do likewise?

I wrote a letter to William Hare, yesterday saying that I since I don't watch Television, I probably won't watch the debate tonight. I have since decided that I probably will watch, becuase I want to see first hand, how the media plays this up. Mr. Hare writes back:

Greetings It is refreshing to touch base with intelligent life. Just earlier today some cretin left a message on the site, getting mad when I mentioned that some of the media mavens are more into protecting their BMW and three martini lunch life styles than getting off their tails and doing some investigative reporting. I started out in the journalism field in L.A. and tried to pull my weight, which a lot of these jokers do not. The right used to make fun of some of these characters as limousine liberals and never called it class warfare, as this guy did, using the old mantra of Bob Novak, Kate O'Beirne, Mona Charen and others. He called me quite a few names so I got disgusted enough to respond in kind while telling him that zombies of his ilk were used successfully by Hitler to roam the streets? You know, it would be so wonderful if there were less idiot box watching and more ... pardon me for using a forbidden word ... reading. Yes, reading, and not necessarily Stephen King or John Grisham, I mean actually using some of that constipated brain power that is there in some cases when we go beyond the zombie Bushies like the guy I just described. I will certainly keep you posted on tomorrow's debate?. Thanks so much for all your support. I believe in reciprocity and will be definitely plugging your excellent site on Political Strategy. Yes, I will be doing my share of commentating on the debates. Best wishes, Bill

Look for review from both me, and Mr. Hare tomorrow.

If you want to know whats really going on in Iraq, read the writing on the walls. (Bathroom walls that is)

Kerry beats Bush in US Marine latrines

You know these guys are writing home, and telling the folks in the pro Bush small towns that most of them come from whats really going on. Thats got to change some minds. Anyone who would dismiss the information coming directly from the front, is either a complete fool, or a war profiteering whore.

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H.L. responds:

Kronos, Thanks for sending in the logo ideas. I really like the first one, and had an idea to take a pic. on The Hollywood walk of fame after giving the site its own star, like you did in the animated version. If you have any hi-res stuff, please send it along.Thanks. H.L.

If anyone has any cool logo ideas, send them in and I'll post them.

Time to go take care of some Biz. More later, Thanks once again for coming back


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