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October 1, 2004.

Debate Review

So the debate is over, and the reviews are in. I watched it last night, and of course Kerry won, there was never any doubt that that was going to happen, but as The Wolf said to Jules, and Vincent, as they were throwing their bloody clothes into the garbage bag, "Lets not start sucking each others dicks just yet." If you don't understand that refrence go out and rent a copy of "Pulp Fiction". As I watched from my slanted point of view, my thoughts were that Kerry didn't have to just beat Bush, he had to maim him, he had to dismember him right there on the stage rip his heart out of his chest, and take a big bloody bite right in front of the nation. Sure Bush stumbled, sure he fumbled, just like I said he would yesterday, but the public expects that from Bush, they already know hes semi retarded but thats not enough to throw the guy our of office is it? I mean come on give the guy a chance, no ones perfect. I thought Kerry did a good job, but he could have done better. He did sugarcoat some of the issues, but at least he brought them up. For example I sat there yelling at the screen, "bring up the flight suit, and the mission accomplished speech with a look of disgust on your face." Kerry finally did mention that Bush said Mission Accomplished, toward the end, but in a different context. He never mentioned the idiot walking out on that ship like he thought it was Halloween. I did however like the line, that went something like "Just becuase the president says that we cant have bi-lateral talks with North Korea, and still keep the Chinese involved, doesn't make it true, after all this is the guy that told us about weapons of mass destruction, mission accomplished etc." Sure Bush looked bad, but not as bad as I thought he should have looked. I found out this morning, however, that the big networks were showing split screens that showed Bush's reactions while Kerry was speaking. I watched the debate on PBS where they did not show the split screens. Apparently these split screen shots were what made the monkey look truly simian. I saw a video this morning that shows the split screen reactions, and they do make bush look worse then he looked on the non split screen showing PBS. Wanna see the video? Here it is

The Faces of Frustration

So Bush looked bad, but you dont think thats going to change anyones mind who already decided to vote for him. Especially the ones that believe he was preordained by God to save the Universe. Its not going to stop brother Jeb from fixing the election in Florida, which could still give the chimp enough votes to take it. Even if this does cause him to get behind in the polls, you don't think he's going to just go quietly into the night, do you? They are probably dusting off the final plans for the next "Terrorist attack" right now. After all Dick Cheney warned us that if we vote for the wrong guy, that bad stuff was going to happen. Kerry better have enough juice to stop this from happening. That would be his first job even before he takes office. He knows the truth. Or, maybe I'm wrong about this, maybe Bush, and the syndicate will say "Fuck it, We stole the 11 Trillion Dollars, we can take the next 4 years off. Let Kerry fix the whole mess, just like we had to get Clinton to do, then we can go in and steal it all again." There are still two more debates to go, and they favor Kerry, as the foriegn policy debate, was supposed to be Kerrys weak point. So look for Kerry to do even better in the next two, and lets see what happens. In the meantime we can't take our eye off the ball, we have to keep fighting, keep bashing the monkey, act like we're losing by a touchdown during the 2 minute warning, (to use a football refrence like Bush was doing last night comparing the war to a football game for Christs sake). And not let up until Kerry takes the oath of office.

I just looked at the state by state electoral poll map, and Bush still leads 276-221. It only takes 270 votes to win the Presidency. If you look at the map, Kerry has the northeast, the west coast, and Illinois, thats it. The whole rest of the country is still behind Bush, everything from Pennlsylvania to Las Vegas. For Christsakes dont these flyover states ever get tired of being pig fucking stupid. I mean I know these people are "Proud to be Ignant" but why? Is it that they know there dumb, so why try to be smart? It makes them too tired? who knows? Anyway here is the poll map, If you live in one of the red states, get out there and kick your neighbors ass, put a boot up there while you tell him whats really going on, It may not help convince them but your foot will feel better.

State by State Electoral Poll Map

Heres my favorite debate review I read this morning, It accurately points out how many times Bush just repeated his "talking points" that Rove drew up for him, over, and over, again like a robot whos wiring gets crossed up, causing the tape inside him to keep replaying the same dialogue instead of moving on to the next subject. This one is from The Moderate Independent

America Clearly Sees At Last That The Emperor Is Naked

Ok gotta go now, Check in later, there may be a part 2 today. Thanks again for tuning in.


Part 2 (September 30, 2004) See part 1 below

Ok guys, only one more hour until the debate. This thing is like a big, nasty, flaming, car wreck on the side of the freeway. I don't want to see it, I just want to go about my day and get out of this damn traffic, but you know as I get closer to it I just can't help but look. So I'm going to watch it. I hope its on PBS so I don't have to sit through a bunch of multi comglomerate corporations spewing their products into my subconcious. You know the best way to watch this thing is probably with the sound turned down. I thought about that, just watch the picture, and crank up some tunes. They say body language is very important in these things. Also Does it really matter what they say? We already know pretty much what is going to happen both during, by the candidates, and after, by the media.

Looks like Tony Blair, can't take pretending he's a sub human much longer.

Blair to Have Heart Procedure,

His approval rating in England is in the toilet, the other day he sort of apologized for Iraq. The stress of being Bush's paid yes man is getting to him. He's starting to hear the voices, and see the ghosts, he's human after all. That was his big mistake in getting involved with The Syndicate of Evil. Those guys don't have hearts thats how they operate so effectively.

William Hare wrote up a little review of this website for Political Strategy. Here's a little excerpt.

The Hollywood Liberal is a Site Offering the Rare Jewel of Pungent Satire
by William Hare

Satire is a rare commodity. Humor is one of the toughest forms of writing, but thehollywoodliberal.com provides plenty of it while dissecting the major issues of the day. H.L. has an extensive media background and understands the tricks of the trade, which he exposes with his informative thrusts. As a history writer I loved nineteenth century Britain with its spirited satirists dissecting the current foibles of society in an entertaining way with just the biting edge. It was an era featuring such coffeehouse luminaries as Samuel Johnson, Jonathan Swift and Alexander Pope. Their unique gift was an ability to look into society's mirror and prompt us to laugh at ourselves after we had taken ourselves too seriously. This biting humor was on display when H.L. revealed his recent experience of attending a taping of the Dennis Miller Show. Miller was the would be "comedian" who, after great fanfare, was added to the Monday Night Football team. When his purported "humor" was greeted with yawns and question marks, not necessarily in that order...

Thanks to Mr. Hare for a review I can only hope to live up to. To see the whole review click here.

If you haven't seen it, "I Got Paid to Boo Dennis Miller" is on our More Fun Stuff page.

Mr. Hare has two new reports out today.

Bush Bigots Spew Ethnic Hate

Media Snake Oil: Kerry Will Win and The Bush Spin Will Begin

OK I got about 10 minutes to pour out a cold beer, and throw some Jiffy Pop on the stove. See you all tomorrow. H.L.

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