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January 8, 2005.

OK its finally done, Its my interview with Nick Yarris. Nick was released from Pennslyvania's Death Row, after 23 years, exonerated by DNA evidence that proved he did not do the rape/murder he was convicted of. Nick is one of the subjects of a movie called "After Innocence" which will be shown at The Sundance Film Festival next month. His story is an amazing one, which includes 23 years on death row, contacting Hepatitis C while in jail, and being told he was terminal; (he's now in remission) to giving speeches on the Floor of Parliament at the request of The British Government, and at the Coliseum in Rome. When I got Mr. Yarris on the phone, he started talking about the movie before I even had a chance to introduce him. I've already seen the movie, and he hasn't yet. (being a Hollywood insider has its perks). I had to pull words out of the interview to edit together an introduction. We start off talking about the movie, then how he finally got out of jail, The end of the interview is my favorite part where Mr. Yarris talks about his view on The Death Penalty, and The U.S. Government. I wanted to try to cut it up and rearrange it, but I didn't have enough coverage to do so, and as we say in the business this is as good as its going to get. So check it out, very interesting guy.

H.L. Interviews Nick Yarris

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