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October 28, 2004.

John Kerry may soon be reading The Hollywood Liberal

Hey how you all doing today, sorry for the late posting. Through my connection to the Legal Anarchist. I got to go to a Presidential Debate last night at Whittier Law School, in Costa Mesa. Whittier is an accredited ABA School one of the few here in SoCAL. along with USC, UCLA, and a couple of others.

Speaking for Kerry was Justice Edward Wallin. who is a retired Justice for the California Court of Appeals, where he served from 1982-1999. He is also a freind of Kerrys. In June 2001 when Kerry wanted to hold his first fund raiser in California, he called up Justice Wallin, they had it at The Justice's house in Orange County. Justice Wallin is also serving on Kerrys campaign, and meets frequently with him to discuss strategy. He related a story during the debate about how every time they talk Kerry asks him about what books he's reading, and always wants to discuss the latest things he has been reading as well. Wallin was illustrating a point that Kerry, unlike his opposition in this election, is a man who is always wanting to learn new things, and look at many reasoned points of view.

Speaking for Bush was Michael D. Capaldi Attorney at Law. Michael is a partner at Spach, Capaldi, & Waggerman LLP of Newport Beach. He is also the President of The Lincoln Club of Orange County. Which is a Republican organization in the GOP stronghold of Orange County.

The debate itself went off quite well, with both sides making very interesting and viable points on many subjects. Justice Wallin was brilliant in his points, and his retorts to some of the points that Mr. Capaldi made. Unlike the televised Pres. Debates, in this one, The moderators, who were Professor Manero, and Dean Peeler from Whittier Law School, would ask a question, the person asked would have two minutes, then they would go back and forth several times for one minute each. This enabled both participants to delve deeper into issues, and to answer back the comments of the opponent.

Mr. Capaldi, who unlike most Republicans we read/hear about was a very intelligent and skillful debater, he did not take the party line and defend it if he felt that there was a part of it he did not accept. He said at one point that he does not agree with the party on all issues, and gave examples when necessary. Mr. Capaldi, and Justice Wallin agreed on a few points, and both men understood that complex issues like the Iraq war, are not strictly black and white. They agreed on some points on a certain subjects and disagreed on others. I felt Mr. Wallin won the debate. He was well informed on all issues. He obviously was not relying on the mainstream press for his news because he brought up many points of information that are usually available only on the internet.

After it was over, I got to speak with both men. I met Justice Wallin first, I told him that I thought he won the debate and that he had some great responses to Capaldi. We agreed that it was so much easier to debate on behalf of Kerry, because he hasn't been screwing this country up and down for the past 4 years the way Bush has. I spoke with Justice Wallin for about 10 minutes, when Mr. Capaldi came out. He was also a very friendly, and he, Wallin, and I, spoke for a few more minutes. Mr. Capaldi related that even down there in heavily Republican Orange County, that he is seeing more Kerry Bumper stickers then Bush, I made the point that if thats the case in O.C. then the rest of the country may be leaning toward Kerry as well. Both men agreed.

Finally, as we were heading out to the parking lot, I told Justice Wallin about this site. I gave him a couple of business cards for H.L., and told him to give one to Kerry. He said he would. So people, its possible that very soon The President of The United States, may be reading The Hollywood Liberal. I'd like to Thank Justice Wallin, Mr. Capaldi, and The Legal Anarchist, for getting me involved in this very informative evening.

I only got about 20 minutes before I have to get ready for work, so lets pull out the mail bag.

Lets pull out the mail bagfrom my good freind Roland

Subject: I wish I took this

Even the dogs can pick up that stench

H.L. Responds: Roland, how you doing dude? Thanks for the great pic. Talk to you soon.

Theres another one in herefrom my another good freind, Tally

Subject: The new Eminem Video

Everyone of voting age needs to see this - all the way to the end. (There is a good reason why he won an Oscar.) download it watch it pass it on we only have until Tuesday. VOTE t

The Eminem Anti-Bush Video

Ok we got time for one more, Lets reach down deep into the bag, and what do we have?

Theres another one in herefrom The Legal Anarchist. (Me and this guy go back about 18 years.)

Subject: Your state by state polling map

Is your state by state poll map republican propoganda?

H.L. responds: It may well be. They seem to skew toward Bush a little, but I don't have a problem with that because we all know that he is going to steal many votes, in many states. So the map reflects true reality, the real votes as well as the stolen. I just looked at it again, (dont have time to post it) and its now got Kerry leading.

Kerry 260, Bush 254

Kerrys going to take this thing, I'm starting to feel it.

Ok gotta go, time to got to work and watch some TV. Have a good one, and keep fighting H.L.

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