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October 27, 2004.

Howard Stern made a surprise call in to Michael Powell the head of the FCC as he was being interviewed on KGO Radio in San Francisco. Its the only way Stern gets a chance to talk to the man who keeps fining him. Word is that Powell and his staff were angry that they had to deal with Stern on air.

Listen to the Show

If you want to just listen to the Stern segment go 32:20 in, and it may take a few seconds to load. H.L.

2 Faces of Evil

                 AAAhhhhhhhh what is that hideous beast?                They look like twins

The race is getting tighter, and tighter, If you look at The State by State Electoral poll map, you can see a lot of changes

Bush 285 Kerry 247

Its getting hairy

Florida has once again gone Weak Bush, which is why he currently holds the vote lead. Hawaii, has now also gone weak Bush, and Ohio is barely Bush. Meanwhile Arkansas, is now a dead heat, which before was Strong Bush, also Arizona has gone from Strong Bush, to weak Bush, Colorado has gone from Stong Bush to barely Kerry, Iowa keeps shifting, and is now weak Bush, Minnesota is now weak Kerry, up from barely, and Pennsylvania is barely Kerry. New Hampshire is now weak Kerry, where last time they voted for Bush.

Obviously there are a multitude of scenarios that can occur between now and election day. Both sides are going to fighting down to the wire for every vote. Bottom line for Kerry He needs to take back Florida, if he can do that and all else stays as is he will win. If he cant hold on to Florida, he is going to need to grab Ohio, and then either Colorado, Wisconsin, or Virginia. Assuming Kerry can hold on to Pennslyvania, he pretty much has to have Ohio, to make sure that if there are any rip offs in Florida he still has a shot. Even then he needs one of those other states mentioned. If I was Kerry, I would be campaigning hard in each of these states mentioned. Also believe it or not California keeps going back and forth between Strong Kerry, and Weak Kerry. With Arnold in as the Governator its possible some sort of rip off may be in the making right here. Being that we dont have touch screen computer voting it may make it a little harder, but anything is possible with these guys. Californias 55 Electoral votes would replace Pensylvania, Florida, and Arkansas for Bush. No matter what state you live in we need every vote we can get. Keep fighting only 1 week to go. Stay tuned for the latest details.

The 10 Commandments. How's Jr. Doing

This from Regular Joe 3_0, to a Post on The Smirking Chimp.

Bush is running on the religious trip. In fact, most of the people who will vote for hime claim to be religous God fearing people, they are voting for Bush because they think he is too. So how's he doin'

1. Thou Shalt have no Gods before me.

Not good. Smirk, and the entire GOP leadership, first and foremost, worship power. Sorry God, but chimpy's got his priorities. .

2 Thou Shalt not make unto thee any Graven Image .

Again, not good. Aside from worshipping power, Smirk and his GOP brethren are really into Mammon. For Repugs, those who've got Mammon are A-OK. Those who don't... well... fuck 'em. .

3. Thou Shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in Vain. .

Oops. The chimp curses like a sailor when he's not on TV. Ordinarily, I couldn't care less, but I'm not the one who's pretending to be pious. .

4. Thou Shalt remember the Sabbath Day, and keep it Holy. .

Oopsie. The chimp attends church about as often as I do: once or twice a year and ONLY on special occasions. (Does this mean he share's my values?) .

5. Honor Thy Father and Mother. .

Back in his youth, when chimpy's drinking was getting out of hand, his father once approached him to talk about it. Smirk challenged him to a fist fight. Let's skip this one. .

6. Thou Shalt not Kill .

One word: Iraq. Don't try to bullshit me with Saddam was a bad man. Saddam at his worst never killed as many Iraqis per week as we're doing right now. Who would Jesus bomb? .

7. Thou Shalt not commit Adultery. .

Smirk's not screwing anyone but his wife? I don't know, does the American public count? .

8. Thou Shalt not steal. .

One word: Halliburton. No bid contracts? Conflicts of interest? War profiteering? If this isn't stealing, what is? And while we're on the subject, what about that 2000 election? .

9. Thou Shalt not Bear false Witness against Thy Neighbor.

Two words: Preemptive war. Smirk governs by deceit. His entire 2004 campaign is just one big LIE. .

10 Though Shalt not covet. .

I'm not sure if Smirk could define the word, so I'll define it for him: to feel blameworthy desire for that which is another's. It's usually the motivation behind either murder or theft. Smirk's been killing (in Iraq) and he's been stealing (read federal deficit) so could this be because he feels blameworthy desire for power and Mammon??? Uh oh. Maybe we should skip this one too.

Only 4 more days until Halloween.

     Man that is ugly       But not nearly as ugly as that       That one is pretty compared to the last one

I gotta call Roby the tshirt guy again

Heres one from Jimmy Breslin

Image of Ignorance of Catholic Church

One more that I couln't resist

NYC Celebrates 100 Years of The Subway

Only New York would celebrate the subway. 100 years of beatings, mugging, rapes, murder, the movie "Warriors", graffiti, and vomit stenched cars. Sounds like a party.

Ok thats if for this episode, have a good night, and keep fighting. H.L.

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