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H.L.Does Time

October 5, 2004.

Hey, sorry no post yesterday, I ended up working way later then I thought I would, so we got another extra early addition today, especially if your here on the west coast, So you may need a little coffee to get you going

This is some high quaility gourmet shit

This first one is a must see, Its an instant classic

Too Stupid to be President

Howard Stern Interviews Dick Cheney

Is Bush losing it?

'Like Captain Queeg: Is Bush going bonkers?'

by Bruce S. Ticker

Hollywood Liberal T-Shirts Will Soon Be Here

Thats right, I just talked to Roby the T shirt guy, (He's also a hell of a guitar player). He's going to do some shirts for me. Unfortunately he can only do one color silk screens. I made up a simple design, The shirts are going to be black, and this what they will have on the front

The ultimate in style

This is the first design that we will have, others will follow if people like this one. I want to take one of the Hollywood sign pics, and put that on a shirt, maybe that will be the next one.

We need to not only beat The Monkey (ha ha) but we need to take control of the Senate back as well.

Howard Dean for America

Will The World's Most Exclusive Club Get A Much Needed Infusion Of New Blood?

by Arianna Huffington

Ok thats it for now, we maaayyy have a part 2, I don't want to promise anything, but if I don't work real late tomorrow, like I did today, a part 2 is a good chance OK have a good time today.


October 5, 2004 Part 2.

Thats right its time for part 2, the sequel to the original, but like The Godfather Part 2, and like no other sequel ever, this one is just as good, if not betterThis one's for you

Time to get out the Jiffy pop and cold Beer again for the next big debate. Since Edwards is the slick smooth talking trial lawyer, hes used to going up before an audience and having to perform, so he should be smooth as silk tonight. Cheney on the other hand being the very embodyment of the evil businessman, has plenty to get pissed off about, just as his "boss" did the other night. Edwards should go in there and start hammering, Halliburton, War, Evil, Oil, Halliburton, Califonia energy notes, Halliburton, Iraq Oil field maps. Until Cheney, goes into a expletive laden rage, turns red, and starts banging his shoe on the table while he frothes at the mouth screaming "We will bury you", and has to led off by his handlers. That way the media can declare Edwards the winner. Ohterwise will it be another draw?

Heres Bill Hares pre debate analysis

Political Strategy

The View Before and Projections After Cheney vs. Edwards

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