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H.L.Does Time

November 8, 2004.

How ya doing people, There are stories that are starting to trickle out about Ohio, and vote counts, like this one for example.

The Columbus Free Press

Did Kerry Concede Too Soon

And This one.


George, John, and Warren (by Keith Olbermann)

At least the press is starting early to try to expose the truth of the Election that John Kerry won, but as H.L. has already told you, don't get too excited about these stories. John Kerry was committed to delivering the U.S. Presidential Election to George W. Bush at all costs. There is no way that Kerry, and The Democrats will allow a victory to be snatched out of the jaws of the defeat they worked so hard to achieve.

Lets go to the mailbagFrom Lushey The Cat

             I'm even getting email from cats now

Topic:How could these people be so stupid

H.L. Hi, I've been reading your site lately, and I watched the election, and I have only one question. "How could these people be so stupid." I mean, I'm a cat for godsakes, I have a brain about the size of a peach pit, but I could see that Bush lost this election. I was wondering why Kerry gave up, and let Bush win, but reading your site has given me the answer. Humans are such idiots, I swear. At least my human is not a brain dead Red stater. And was smart enough to vote for Kerry. Even though he didn't want to win. I'm going to need a lot of cat nip to get me through the next 4 years.

Peace Out

Lushey The Cat

Hinckley Asks Judge for More Freedom

By LAURA MECKLER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - A lawyer for John Hinckley Jr. told a federal judge Monday his client no longer is mentally ill and should be allowed longer unsupervised visits away from the mental hospital where he has lived since trying to assassinate President Reagan in 1981.

Attorney Barry Levine accused government of lawyers of fear-mongering by opposing Hinckley's request on grounds he remains a danger to the community.

Hinckley wants a federal judge to allow him to take four-day, unsupervised visits every two weeks to his parents' home in Williamsburg, Va., about three hours south of the nation's capital. Since late last year, Hinckley has been allowed shorter visits with his parents and now his lawyers say he is ready for longer trips.

H.L.s Take: This guy tried to Kill The President of The United States. How is it possible that he could ever even leave his cell to take a piss, let alone get out for unsupervised weekends. Now they are trying to get him 5 day passes. How is this possible?

It couldn't have anything to do with the fact that The Hinckley, and Bush families are old friends and business partners, or that Neil Bush was scheduled to have dinner with Hinckley's brother the day of the hit. And that George Bush Sr. was Vice President the day that Reagan was shot. and just so happens would have become President if Hinckley was successful that day. Nahhhh

Tom Flocco.com


If you don't believe this one, just do a search of Hinckely+Bush on Yahoo, or Google

Another one from the mailbagFrom Deb

Subject: 59 Million Morans

Another one from the mailbag

Hey H.L.,

Thought you might like this for your site. You remember our old "Moran" friend, I'm sure. We just tweaked his sign a bit. I'm starting to get my old blog up and going again after the coup: Positive Blasphemy Hope you're up and running soon!

Deb/aka Pokerqueen

Another one from the mailbagFrom Ray

Salt and Pepper on Wry, by Frank Ray Davis

SAME OLD POST-ELECTION BULL: Dubya Bush now wants us to "unite" behind him. A mad-war-dog-type is not the most appealing object to cuddle up with. Then he wants us all to "work together" for his benefit and enrichment. With all the millions of jobs he and his gang have shipped overseas, even finding work is hard work.

+ + +

HELL OF A NOTE: "Help is on the way," proclaimed Kerry picket signs. Considering who was declared the winner, they should have read, "Hell is on the way."

H.L. Comments: Indeed Ray, Indeed.

Ok we got time for one more out of the mailbag

Damn this bag is getting dustyFrom Tally

I just sent this to my three GOP friends.... you might want to send this to yours. Which ever way they answer, I am going to hold them personally responsible.

Christian Conservatives Must Not Compromise

This was printed in today's LA Times... I'd like an honest answer from you please.

Is this the America you want?

Please get back to me, I'm serious.


H.L. Responds: GOP Friends???, What GOP Friends. With friends like those, who needs Enemas

Ok guys thats it for today. Tune in tomorrow. We have a special guest. He's a new correspondant, a very nice guy who is going go tell us a little story all about ways that the food industry is trying to slowly poison us to death. He'll tell what kinds of foods/additives to avoid so that you can stay healthy. Not our usual stuff here, but very important. See you then. H.L.

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