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Central Park Lawsuit Scheduled for Emergency Hearing


N.Y. Welcomes Protesters With Discounts

I Know I will be cashing in my discount card.

The Hollywood Liberal Responds: I imagine if you just go into the city any day during the convention, you will see people out there with signs protesting but here's a few specifics. It looks like a big one will be on Sunday August 29th There are two different meeting points listed below, both will feed into a march over to Madison Square Garden. If you don't want to march you can just show up at The Garden. 7th Ave. and 34th Street.

United for Peace and Justice

Sunday, August 29:
The World Says No to the
Bush Agenda!

Massive NYC March and Rally on the Eve of the Republican National Convention

Assemble at 10:00AM,
Seventh Avenue @ 14th Street
March steps off at noon

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On Sunday, August 29th, one of the biggest and most important protests in a generation will take place in New York City: a massive march and rally on the eve of the Republican National Convention, organized by United for Peace and Justice. If you're alarmed by the direction that the Bush Administration has taken this country, you will want to make your voice heard at this historic gathering, where we will march against war, greed, hate and lies. Already, many thousands of individuals and hundreds of groups - anti-war, civil rights, immigrant, religious, labor, feminist, environmental, and many more - are planning to participate in this demonstration. The Republican National Convention - and the protests - will be covered by media outlets around the world. It is vital that we bring the largest possible number of people to New York City on Sunday, August 29 to speak out against the actions and plans of the Bush Administration.

International Answer

New York City
Protest the Republican National Convention
Mass March: Sunday, August 29

Gather at 10 am at 7th Ave. and 23rd St.,
with a march past the site of the RNC
to kick off a week of protests against the RNC
Phone: 212-633-6646, 202-544-3389
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The Republican National Committee has, for the first time in their 150 year history, selected New York for their Convention from August 29-September 2, 2004. In a shallow attempt at exploiting the lives lost at the World Trade Center, the RNC has pushed the Convention date to September. We have witnessed two unjust wars, at least one American life lost each day overseas, a depressed economy, the collapse of the dollar, $87 billion to boost war profiteering, the closing of our firehouses, a health-care crisis, millions of children being left behind, and now this. We say, Enough!

When the vote does not place in power those who represent the will of the people, democracy must be taken to the streets. This administration's choice of New York City, historically known for its diverse population, its welcoming of immigrants from far off lands, and its radical politics will prove to be their biggest mistake yet.

I will post more info as it comes in. H.L.

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