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The end of another great California day
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7/4/06. Movie Review: The Ramones: It's Alive

6/4/06. Movie Review: Road To Guantanamo

6/1/06. H.L. Meets John Kerry

2/2/06. Bush Wants Another 70 Billion For War

1/31/06. Democrats Color Coded Filibuster Vote

1/30/06. Body Armor Saved Woodruff, Troops Not So Lucky

1/27/06. What Should Happen To Ann Coulter

1/21/06. Karl Rove Steps Out Of The Bunker. Sees the Sun.

1/20/06. Clueless NO Balls Reid Apologizes To Republicans.

1/18/06. Typical Republican Response To Killing Children In Pakistan

1/12/06. Will The Democrats Fight For Democracy?

9/4/05. Bush Response, Calculated To Send A Message To America

8/30/05. Get Ready for 4 Bucks a Gallon.

8/11/05. Bush Acknowledges Cindy Sheehan, Still Won't Meet Her.

8/09/05. Killed By Corporations in Bush's Economic Recovery.

8/03/05. 20 Dead Ohio Marines in 2 Days. Somewhere Paul Hackett is Crying

7/28/05. Sliding Down The Poll

07/06/2005: 1% Convicted of 1800 Arrested at Republican Convention in NYC

06/26/2005: The Torture Never Stops

06/19/2005: Everybody Knows, George

06/10/2005: Bush�s Approval Rating In The Toilet. So how did he get re-elected.???

06/06/2005: The Medical Marijuana Case, And Why Marijuana is Illegal

4/14/2005: If You Live In Ca. Don't Renew Your Car Registration By Mail

More Fun Stuff: Stories by H.L.

3/5/2005 Did Hunter S. Thompson Really Kill Himself.

11/6/2004 The Road Not Taken.

11/4/2004 I Need To Get Smarter.

8/26-31/2004 Complete 2004 NYC RNC Coverage

8/31/04 H.L. Does Time. 7/19/2004 Bartcop Chicago Pokerfest Report.

3/17/2004 I Got Paid To Boo Dennis Miller.

1/26/2004 Bartcop Vegas Pokerfest Report.

The NFL Football Page.