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The Hollywood Liberal's
Image Archive 2004
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This is an Archive of all The images that have been shown on The Hollywood Liberal, most of these images were taken from the web, some of the archive is pics by H.L. Enjoy the Jpegs, Gifs and more.
See all Pics that have graced the pages of H.L. (click image for fullsize picture) Except for The Vacation Slides Which have their own page
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The Original Hollywood sign pic Took this one off the balcony in Hollywood Another Balcony shot from Hollywood Ca. Old time pic from the '20s of The Hollywoodland sign as it was then known La Danian Thomlinson taken by H.L. Hey bebe Check out this picture of The San Diego Chargers cheerleaders
One of our logos from The Hollywood Liberal.com from The Tomato Observer, thats Bush on the bike, thats one for the archives Its a wolf Tom Ridge, tries to scare everyone again in this image. there he goes again Tom Ridge, always exaggerating Bugspray guy Tom Delay Protest sticker
H.L. photo from the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York, Michael Moore, and Jesse Jackson lead more then 400,000 marchers agaisnt Bush Subway station to Manhattan at Lefferts Bd. in Queens NY NYC subway map Hotel Room at the Metropolitan on Lexington Ave. In New York City Hanging out in the City of New York in Manhattan
I got arrested protesting Bush on August 31, 2004 at The Republican Convention in New York Had to spend 19 hours in jail At Guantanamo on the Hudson and The Tombs in Manhattan on Center St. Now I'm suing for false arrest, agaisnt the NYPD for the arrest on 8/31/04 at the World Trade Center The counter demonstration ha ha about 50 people showed up to protest the 400,000 who protested Bush and The Republican in NYC Marissa Tomei at the Anti Bush March on August 29, 2004 in NYC photo by H.L. Read All about it in Complete Convention Coverage
Central Park in New YorK city They wouldn't give a permit But we went anyway Hanging on the great lawn Bored Cops Day 2
Watching all the security Cops were everywhere And stormtroopers This is where they threw me when I got arrested Read about it in H.L. Does Time Diesel fuel on the floor
And asshole cops everywhere After this we got to go to  The Tombs I want a fat settlement for this Talk to my lawyer This is from Bush Speaks Open wide Bill
Thanks to Kronos for this Kronos sent in this one too Got all these Gifs off Waynes Animated Gif Collection Mail bag is in I came up with this one Pour me a cold one
Shake that booty Slap some sense into him Dont watch if you have a sensitive stomach Check out HLTV featuring my own movies Catch some rays
Sleeeepy These guys are going to start retiring now Monkey He looks pissed used these for Halloween lookout!
Booooo Check out the Halloween page in the back issues Snakes in the desert London protest pics Another one from the London Protest, dont know the date but its somewhere in the back issues OK Bush got elected you can stop running now
Letter from Lawyer informing me the charges were dropped These guys knew the fix was in, ran Bush wins story one month before election Hey I didnt vote for him Pure Evil More Halloween gifs From the Convention information page
110,000 more people were alive in Iraq when this guy was in charge Happy Halloween This is from NHIV.com This is from the website In Contempt Spark one up and put on some Floyd Jr. takes off the human suit
Another one from New Horizions in Violence This the comic strip cros-a-fire, check out the Links page for lots of great links We pull this cake out whenever an anniversary rolls around John Kerrys daughter, not bad stick it up your ass Still more ghouls and goblins
I vant to suck your ahem... blood From What Really Happened, they say that this building was blown up from the inside Bring back Bill Old Wayne has a huge collection of Gifs He especially likes Halloween Now that is ugly
One more freak, from the Gallery of Freaks, wierdos, and monsters, October 31, 2004 in the back issues page He made me do it This one was sent in by my good friend Roland holy black animal batman monsters Herman Munster
This comic is by Ted Rall from Bush Speaks Another one from Bush Speaks This one is from Bartcop, the coolest site on the web Still not done with the monsters So many ways to get scared
Dont go over to the dark side Check out all the great pages on H.L. Dont forget to visit the H.L. Store, and buy a t-shirt Freaks Wierdos Monsters
H.L. bringing you the best in website entertainment This cat is smarter then the rednecks that voted for Bush Like this guy, he voted for Bush Well what can I say Now there bringing tanks out at protests H.L attended this protest in Hollywood
This was a story we featrued that was right out of Full Metal Jacket, but it was real, its in the Back Issues Another comic from the Links page Keith Olbermann tried to tell people the story, but they didn't care Pictures of insurgents These pics came from The Information Clearinghouse Insurgents in Iraq, courtesy of What Really happened
Fighting to protect their homes why are we over there Oh yeah were there for the oil Another episode of Cross-a-fire One of the greatest movies ever
this ones from al bawaba What a lieing bastard I ain't sorry Got these pics from Deb at Positiveblasphemy This is who decides who the president is Hey City, you best leave town
Ukraine election protest The monkey wants to get some from forien leaders January 29, 2005 Washington D.C. protest flyer Ukraine protesters after they got robbed No shame Colin, No shame This is another comic from The website In Contempt
Thanksgiving Gif Buy an H.L. t-shirt at The Store Now he wants to be Hitler But he cant get the wave right Spaceman Rummy Heil Jr.
Check out HLTV, we are now on the air HLTV does not condone this test pattern, but we use it The Monkey goes to Canada and gets booed There not allowed to show this on TV Check out all the great sites in the Links page December 7, 1941
Where your federal tax dollars go Who joins the Army? This is from I got paid to Boo Dennis Miller by H.L. Rumsfeld addressed the troops and got blasted December 8, 2004 Viktor Yushenko Before and after he was poisoned by Dioxin, First they tried to steal the election from him, then they tried to kill him, they failed both times from Dec. 8, 2004 Swami Tom Knows the future, taken from Your Homeland Security Department Horoscope, linked from The Humor Gazette, December 9, 2004
51 State Captial March, Banner from 12/12/04 Heres a handy little device, Block Fox news from your TV 12/12/04 This guy painted a Picture of Bush made out of Monkeys. They raised a stink about it in a NYC art gallery, so the great people of NY decided to hang a bigger version right above the entrance to The Holland Tunnel, ha ha 12/14/04 A truck burns after an attack in the Iraq Green Zone Killed 7, 12/14/04 Uncle Rummy, Wants you to die in Iraq so he can get richer 12/14/04 Heil Rummy, from 12/14/04 go there to see the stretched version
A U.S. Marine with the 3rd battalion, 1st Marine Regiment, pays his final respects during a memorial service held for Sgt. Byron W. Norwood and Lance Cpl. Abraham Simpson, at a base near the western Iraqi war-torn city of Falluja, in this handout photograph released on December 13, 2004. from 12/14/04 Powell Point. Selling your war is as easy as 1, 2, 3, from 12/14/04 Santa getting ready to fly over Iraq, from about.com 12/15/04 Rummys Army, Never ask s, just obey orders 12/15/04 Ahh thanks for that relaxer Condi, thats what your hear for 12/16/04 Another one from about.com Get Bombed with The Rummy 12/16/04
Bush talks to the hand in the story called Bush vows not to ignore economic problems. with liberal embellishments from H.L. from Hollywood, check it out on the 12/18/04 page in the back issue's How would you like to be fingered by George W. Bush? 12/18/04 Suicide Bombers Hit Holy Iraqi Cities, 62 Dead from 12/20/04 Call the Lie Girls, they will tell you anything you want to hear 12/20/04 Another great comic from Sutton Impact 12/20/04 Attack on U.S. Base in Iraq Leaves 24 Dead pre Christmas mess hall bombing 12/21/04
Bush is named Time's Man of The Year, But thats not always a good thing 12/21/04 Heres a previous winner of Time's man of the year, Bush's Uncle Adolph 12/21/04 Another winner of Time's man of the year, Joe Stalin 12/21/04 Last and least on the chart of evil its The Old Ayatollah himself Khomeni 12/21/04 3 U.S. Marines Killed in Fallujah Battle as Bush's insane war drones on 12/23/04 This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow, Christmas cartoon 12/23/04
Rebels struck outside Tikrit, 12/28/04 trying to discourage people from voting in the election The new Republican seal, because the Democrats are such wussys 12/28/04 Thadeus and Wheeze from 12/28/04 Buzzflash names Bush The Failure of The Year 12/29/04 Dubyas Island, The tale of an asshole chimp 12/29/04 The great comic In Contempt. 12/29/04
Demcrats.coms logo 12/30/04 Bob Matsui, California Congressman who died on 01/02/05 He was going to lead the Democrats charge against Bush's revamping of Social Security Got this one From What Really Happened 010205 Those Banks control everything
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