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The Hollywood Liberal's
Image Archive 2007
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Political Pictures, images, and gifs. from Hollywood
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All photos featured on our site 2007(click image for fullsize picture)
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Bush celebrates 3000 deaths in iraq CNN confuses Obama with Osama Saddam Hussein executed in iraq List of top villians on 2006 former Florida Governnor Jeb Bush Having a great time in Florida wish you were here
Average Gas prices through 2006 chart of gas prices and bush's approval rating Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie at L.A. movie premier border= Nicole Kidman at God Grew Tired Premier at Pacific design center Edward Norton LA Premier Dermot Mulrooney
Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt kiss Dennis Kucinich Get the troops out anti war march poster L.A. May 17, 2006 Florida Congressman John Mica Think you are free? think again worst president ever
Bring the troops home now flying over Oscars in Hollywood Plane circling Oscars Anti war message Martin Sheen at Anti-war rally in Hollywood 031707 Maxine Waters Ca. Congresswoman speaks out against Iraq War Jackson Browne performs at anti-war march in Hollywood March 17, 2006 Jackson Browne onstage
Ozomatli rocks at Hollywood Anti-war rally 3-17-07 Bush 18 day gap in email