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Segment 1. H.L. Interviews Alex Ryabov. USMC. Iraq Veterans Agaisnt The War.(Recorded 8/29/04 at The WTC, right before I got arrested)

Segment 2. H.L. Goes Waaay Up Into The Mountains, to Get The Shirts. (featuring the Guitar Virtuosity of Roby Duron.)
56K Version.     DSL/Cable Version
Segment 3. H.L. Drives a Beat up Old Piece of Shit Honda All The Way to St.Louis.
56K Version.     DSL/Cable Version
                                      Dont worry I'll fix it
Segment 4. Justin Raimondo from Anti-War.Com Live in Orange County.
56K Version.     DSL/Cable Version -Part 1
56K Version.     DSL/Cable Version -Part 2
56K Version.     DSL/Cable Version -Part 3
56K Version.     DSL/Cable Version -Part 4

Segment 5. Anti War, March in Hollywood March 19, 2005
Anti-War March Video
Ron Kovic Speech.

Segment 6. Willie Nelson Live From H.L.s Front Porch July 28 2005
56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 1
56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 2
56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 3
56K Version.    DSL/Cable Version. -Part 4

Segment 7. Senator Russ Feingold Live at UCLA Laws School 8/22/05
DSL/Cable Version.
                                                                Dont worry I'll fix it