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A note from H.L.I began this site in July 2004, with the intention of making it the best Political Liberal, blog on the web. Which I have continued to try to do, and will continue to do. However times are getting tight here in Hollywood. I have not held a steady job doing what I do in well over a year now. I have picked up a little freelance work here, and there. But the reality is that I am going broke. I need to find a full time job that will pay me enough to keep on living. In the meantime I am continuing work on the site. I am asking anyone who can afford it, to help out with a little donation to keep this thing going. I never intended to ask for money for this, but you know how it is. If I begin working full time I will not have nearly as much time to work on the site. (and trust me, in almost 8 months I have spent literally hundereds if not a thousand hours on this thing.) If I could make enough money to pay the bills with it. I could spend 12 hours a day, on it and make the Liberal, The most King-Hell site on the web. In the meantime I need a little help. No amount is too small, or too large. As an extra incentive, anyone who donates $25 or more will recieve a free H.L. T-shirt. (You can see a picture of the shirts below.) as well as a paragraph of shameless praise on the page. If you have something to sell I will also give it a mention. You can donate through Pay Pal, even if you are not a member, If you prefer to donate using other methods Contact Me. You can also purchase a H.L. T-shirt if you prefer. Ordering instructions are at the bottom of the page. Thank You for being a part of The H.L.

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