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        Thursday, June 01, 2006

       H.L. Meets John Kerry

I was invited to attend the Pacific Conference on National Security's meeting this afternoon at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Century City. The guest speaker of the day was Senator John Kerry. Actually it was Kerry who invited me through Democratic Kerry asked a friend of his who was with DD to invite some L.A. Bloggers. Writers from Daily Kos, The Huffington Post, and DD showed up along with H.L., and we watched Kerry give a speech in which he discussed a wide variety of topics. Before it started I met Steven V. Brull, who is the Senior Editor of Institutional Investor Magazine and a member of the Pacific Conference. Steven told me that the PC was a west coast version of the Council on Foreign Relations who operate out of New York, and are more concerned with what is going on in Europe and the Middle East, whereas the PC is more concerned with what is happening on the west coast and in Asia. Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher chaired the meeting, and introduced the Senator. Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher introducing John Kerry at a meeting of the Pacific Council in Los Angeles

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