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We offer the best deal in advertising for you, and your products on the web. The Hollywood Liberal is a widely seen widely read Liberal Blog. A Majority of our readers are professional college educated homeowners, and virtually all are progressives, and democrats who are anti-war, and pro human rights. The site contains thousands of web pages, (Your ad will be on all of them). We are a member of the Blogads Liberal Blog Network. Check our stats and compare our prices with the other sites on the network, we are the best.

Here are our stats for September 2007

latest stats
H.L.s Stats through 9/25/2007 5:41 PM PDT

There are two ways to place an ad on The Hollywood Liberal: Through Blogads, and Direct Advertising on The H.L. Through direct advertising you get your ad plus extra feature ads on other pages that we put up for you, and a write up on the main blog complete with a picture and links. This will assure you the maximum number of clickthroughs. (No other blog gives you these extras). The best part about The HL's ad program is you get an additional bonus of extra time free. Through direct advertising on The H.L. you can save big money. Our direct ad prices are less then the blogad ads. By going through us directly we pass the savings on to you. Our advertising rates are the best deal on the web for a site of this size. We can also make an ad for you like the ones you see on this page, if you don't already have one. Here is a price breakdown of our direct ad and standard blogad prices.

Every direct ad order on The H.L. also recieves a write up on the blog w/links and pic. + Extra Time Free. Check the Charts for the Price Savings and Free Time. (All HL Direct ads appear above the blogads on the page.You can also get our top exposure #1 Ad spot.)

                        Blogad Prices.

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        H.L. Direct Ad Prices

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#1 Featured
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These are the most reasonable advertising rates on the web for a site of this size, (Contact us to learn more.) Order now to lock in your price, Ad prices will go up as traffic rises and ad space gets bought. We can custom design an ad for you, or use one that you make. The Hollywood Liberal will work with our sponsors to ensure a mutually beneficial, and profitable relationship.
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