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It Was One Year Ago Today We Lost Bartcop

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on March 5th, 2015 5:36 pm by HL

Greetings from HL,

Today is March 5, 2015, and it was one year ago today that Bartcop died. Bart was the inspiration for this site back in 2004, as well as one my “very close” friends as Bart used to say. I hung out and partied with Bart many times in Vegas, L.A., Tulsa & elsewhere. Bart was the original internet blogger starting his site Bartcop way back in 1996.

If you have time go take a look at some of the back issues of his site, Bart was a no hold barred liberal, and took on all comers. Last time I saw him was in August ’13 when he came out to L.A. we hung out and partied with Bart, Mrs. Bart, Tommy Mack, Tally, and Chicago Jim. We all knew each others from Poker & Tequila fests in Vegas.

Bart got sick shortly before he died, and I emailed him about a week before saying I hoped he was feeling better, he got back and thanked me. Bart died on a Wednesday and I knew the earliest he would be back posting to the site would be Monday, so I didn’t find out he was gone until 5 days later, during that time they held a memorial for him in Tulsa which I would have been at had I knew.

So I never really got a chance to say goodbye, and so I will now. I miss you brother, Hope you were wrong about the whole Atheism thing and you are up there giving hell to Nixon, and Reagan right now. The last time I saw Bart I bought a bottle of Don Julio 1942 to commemorate the occasion. I still have a little of it left and will do a shot tonight for Bart. If anyone sees this leave a comment and if you have any Bart stories I’d love to hear them.

Peace Out

L.A Rick (The Hollywood Liberal)



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