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Reagan’s Campaign Speech Continues to Reverberate 50 Years Later

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on October 27th, 2014 11:08 pm by HL

Reagan’s Campaign Speech Continues to Reverberate 50 Years Later
Michael Barone, RealClearPolitics
On Oct. 27, 1964, 50 years ago Monday, a movie actor and television host delivered a 30-minute speech on primetime national television in support of the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater. There were no visual diversions, and the production values by today’s standards were primitive. Few if any viewers realized it, but they were watching a future president of the United States. But perhaps Ronald Reagan, the man on screen, had an inkling. Higher-ups in the Goldwater campaign didn’t want him on the air, for fear he would distract attention from the current candidate. But Reagan, using…

No Labels Backs Gardner Ground Effort in Colorado
Adam O’Neal, RealClearPolitics
No Labels, the nonpartisan political group aimed at ending gridlock in Washington, will actively support Rep. Cory Gardner in the final days of his challenge against Colorado Sen. Mark Udall. According to an email obtained by RealClearPolitics, No Labels “will be staging independent Get Out The Vote efforts to support our Problem Solver members” between Oct. 31 and Election Day. Gardner is one of those members and is specifically mentioned in the email. Sent late last week, the email asks former interns if they are “willing to travel to either Sacramento, California or…

The Secrets Behind 2014
E.J. Dionne, RealClearPolitics
WASHINGTON — There’s a hidden history to the nasty midterm election campaign that will, mercifully, end on Nov. 4. What’s not being widely talked about is as important as what’s in the news. Underappreciated fact No. 1: The number of Democratic seats that are not in play this year. In planning its effort to take control of the Senate, Republicans shrewdly launched challenges to Democrats in states that would not automatically be on a GOP target list. “Broadening the map” is wise when you’re in a strong position. Two of the states on that extended list, Colorado and Iowa, have paid off for…

Capito Win Could Cap GOP Transformation of W.Va.
Sean Trende, RealClearPolitics
Almost every political observer agrees that Rep. Shelley Moore Capito will be Sen. Shelley Moore Capito when the next Congress convenes. Almost every political observer also agrees that it won’t even be close; Capito leads her opponent, Secretary of State Natalie Tennant, by 17 points in the RealClearPolitics average. There is also a reasonable chance that West Virginia will have an all-Republican House delegation. What I think gets lost in the commentary is how amazing this is. If Nick Rahall loses, and Republicans retain the open 2nd Congressional District, it will be the first…

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