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The Issues Are Breaking Bad for Democrats

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on September 25th, 2014 11:08 pm by HL

The Issues Are Breaking Bad for Democrats
Karl Rove, Wall St. Journal
As the midterm election enters its last six weeks, new factors have appeared that will help determine which party controls the Senate next year.Surprisingly, national security has emerged as an important issue. Americans’ concerns began with the conflict in Ukraine, and they’ve grown as Islamic State cut a swath across Iraq and beheaded two American journalists.

Intervening in Syria Civil War Makes No Sense
Sen. Ted Cruz, TX Tribune
SEN. TED CRUZ: Now, the president has been advocating arming the so-called moderate Syrian rebels for some time. And throughout the course of the discussion, what I have endeavored to ask, repeatedly, both publicly and in classified situations, is how do you distinguish the good guys from the bad guys?

Reluctant Warriors Make Special Mistakes
Adam Garfinkle, Am Interest
The Obama Administration has just started its second Middle Eastern war, this one in Syria following some warm-up exercises in Iraq. This follows the one it started in Libya back in March 2011, which, despite its coalition character and international legal pretense, may now fairly be reckoned a multi-dimensional disaster: it comes complete with a gratuitous failed state (as if we needed another one in the region), wild-eyed, murderous Islamist militias running around in the vacuum, a murdered American ambassador, collateral damage from Algeria to Mali to Northern Nigeria, and a probable…

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