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Can Obama Win Without Clinton Democrats?

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on May 26th, 2008 4:38 am by HL

Can Obama Win Without Clinton Democrats?

In the latest attempt to rationalize marginalizing Hillary Clinton and her supporters, Ezra Klein, seconded by Duncan Black, writes:

The electorate, its composition and universe of possible winning coalitions, is quite different now [than in 1980]. Many, many Democratic pundits and strategists connect their party’s decline to Reagan’s win, so a tremendous amount of mental energy is expended theorizing how they can take back what he wrested from them, and which candidates can win back “the Reagan Democrats.” But the battle isn’t to reconstruct the coalition that was dominant in the 1980s. It’s to envision and form the majority that will endure for the next ten years.

I think this is a deflection. We need not look back to 1980. We need only look at the Democratic primary contest of this year. [More . . .]

There is now a great divide in the Democratic Party – there is an Obama Wing and Clinton Wing – divided equally in votes in the contests. Despite claims to the contrary by the Obama News Network (NBC) and Obama blogs, the split is almost precisely even. This has been the closest nomination race ever. And in key swing states, it can be strongly argued that the Clinton Wing is significantly larger. The question the Democratic Party and its likely nominee must ask is this – do you want to win without Clinton Democrats and do you think you CAN win without Clinton Democrats?

Me, I do not want to take any unneccessary risks regarding winning the Presidency in November. It seems there is a whole class of pundits, Democrats and Obama supporters who really really despise the Clinton sooo much that they are willing to risk the Presidency to drive the Clintons out of the Party.

Oh they will couch their arguments in terms of baggage and Bill Clinton (as if the only two term Democratic President of the last 50 years would somehow be a problem for a Democratic campaign, it is mind boggling). But what they want is the Clinton Wing of the Democratic Party gone – dead and buried.

They despise the Clintons so much, they seem willing to risk the Presidency to destroy them. I find this attitude simply irresponsible. Just as I despise those Clinton supporters who say they won’t vote for Obama, I equally despise those Obama supporters who would rather destroy the Clintons than win the Presidency.

I repeat for the umpteenth time, Obama would be nuts to divide the Party by not offering the Vice Presidency to Hillary Clinton. In a year where only Democratic division could possibly deny us the White House, it would take a stupendous act of political immaturity to even contemplate taking such a step.

By Big Tent Democrat, speaking for me only

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One Response to “Can Obama Win Without Clinton Democrats?”

  1. Mark Says:

    I think she would offer it to him and since she is not as likely to run again after this, and since I highly doubt her supporters will back him even if she is vp, the party would do well to look at the bigger picture. Obama is less qualified, is only 46 years old and has a lot to learn about “unity” Really the DNC mucked this entire thing up running him against her right now and they deserve what they get. They have been stellar at risking the White House by setting up the one candidate who cannot take it to win in the primary!!

    If Howard Dean had a single brain cell left in his head he would get them both in a room, make her the nominee with him as vp and in so doing give us a SIXTEEN YEAR run at the White House. Everyone would be on the same page for that entire time. It would take that long to clean up this mess anyway.

    This way, I really am fairly sure there is going to be hell to pay. Obama will likely be crowned as Brazile wanted since 2004. Hillary supporters not feeling heard about many matters that have really angered them, mainly the party favoring one candidate over the other in this historic run for the nomination will likely walk. The party would do better to understand and validate their position. The less people feel heard and understood the more they will dig in their heels.

    Howard Dean actually said this has been good for the party. Nooo, it hasn’t. It won’t be. And it has NOTHING to do with who gets out. Neither candidate has to “get out” this IS the closest race we’ve ever had. It’s within the rules and proper and probably MORE appeasing for it to go to the convention. If it doesn’t then Dean should get them both on the same ticket but, the SMART way is to have Clinton as the nominee with Obama as her running mate and if they don’t do it that way then I can only conclude they do not give a damn about taking back the White House.