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Archive for August 23rd, 2007

Pathetic Cops Caught Trying to Infilitrate Peaceful Demonstration at Quebec Summit

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts), Videos on August 23rd, 2007 8:39 am by HL

Here is a trick that cops like to use to disrupt protests. In this You Tube Video which was shot in Quebec over the weekend during the protests against Bush who was up there at a summit.
A protest that is being led by a guy who looks like he is in his 60’s, most of the people in the protest are older citizens. These 3 big beefy dudes with bandanna over their faces and riot gear show up acting like they are a part of the protest, at least one of them is holding a rock. The organizer who’s name is Dave Coles begins pushing around these guys, telling them that this is a peaceful protest, to drop the rock, and get out. People in the crowd begin yelling that the three men are cops. Coles continues to make these 3 idiots look wimpy, pushing them, yelling to get out, and the whole crowd is chanting at them. The three dupes not knowing what to do begin moving toward a line of on duty cops, they say something to each other, next thing you know the 3 “Agent Provocateurs” are being arrested. Of course later on it was discovered that the 3 were not arrested at all, no record of them exists.
I guess the cops have nothing better to do then to cause problems to justify their own jobs, because hey, if there wasn’t so much crime out there. We wouldn’t need so many cops, and they would have to get jobs doing something they are qualified for besides busting heads, and harassing innocent citizens. Like maybe garbageman or something. Check out the video.