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Majority Dems Bow To Bush’s Will AGAIN!!!

Posted in Main Blog (All Posts) on August 5th, 2007 9:05 am by HL

Democrats allow Bush’s Illegal spying on US citizens to continue….

Democrats’ responsibility for Bush radicalism


Examine virtually every Bush scandal and it increasingly bears the mark not merely of Democratic capitulation, but Democratic participation. In August of 2006, the Supreme Court finally asserted the first real limit on Bush’s radical executive power theories in Hamdan, only for Congress, months later, to completely eviscerate those minimal limits — and then go far beyond — by enacting the grotesque Military Commissions Act with the support of substantial numbers of Democrats. What began as a covert and illegal Bush interrogation and detention program became the officially sanctioned, bipartisan policy of the United States….

And now Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, with revealing symbolism, cancel their scheduled appearances this morning at Yearly Kos because George Bush ordered them to remain in Washington in order to re-write and expand FISA — a law which he has repeatedly refused to allow to be revised for years and which he has openly and proudly violated. Congressional Democrats know virtually nothing about how the Bush administration has been eavesdropping on our conversations because the administration refused to tell them and they passively accepted this state of affairs.

The intense rush to amend this legislation means that most of them have no idea what they are actually enacting — even less of an idea than they typically have.

Here is a comment on the whole debacle that I like from Blondesense

“The chickens**t Democrats voted to continue sucking Bush! Because they didn’t want blamed if another “attack” happened in this [country] by them bad guys (Cheney and friends) they passed his Hitlerian Spy Bill.

It says that the real terrorists in America are Americans who oppose Bush.
Tell your piece of S**t Representative in D.C. that if you wanted this kind of ass-kissing subservience, you’d have voted Republican.

And I’m sick and tired of hearing Kos and Atrios and Amato telling us to “be nice” when you write or call the chisckens**t Democrats because it works better to be nice! NOT! The Democrats that think we’re being nasty are rationalizing for their own cowardice and capitulation.

At least we KNOW Bush is a prick. Now we know these vermin are just as bad as any Republican.

Let’s start calling them (Democrats) what they are; the equivalent of Ronnie’s a**holes.

To me they are now and forever, Democrats for Bush!
Pricks, Bastards, a$$holes, dipsh**s, traitors….just like Republicans.

Looks like Rove got his ONE PARTY NATION, doesn’t it? Tell your representative piece of shit that. See how they answer!!!”

HLs Take
Well…what can I say Blondesense says it all, just like I have been for years

One Response to “Majority Dems Bow To Bush’s Will AGAIN!!!”

  1. Friendly Says:

    The result is that you can now place Democrats, like Republicans, in your crosshairs and eventually rid them out of Congress. What we’re seeing is the radicalization of Americans that are waking up and realizing that the two party system is a joke. You cannot battle them with kindness, they don’t respect that. They only respect power as all Machiavellians do.

    For those that know history, the US is at a major crossroad. Either the American people unite to clean Congress out and flush the sewage down the toilet. It’s evident that Congress does not listen to the People. It only listens and respects those with money (lobbies) and might (military). I’m beginning to believe that it will take a military coup by true patriots to run the traitors out of DC.

    On the other hand, Ron Paul may be the only chance left to save the US from the tyranny and despotism that is more obvious every day.