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Joe Lieberman Wants to Install Cameras To Watch Your Every Move

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on July 2nd, 2007 9:12 am by HL

Joe Lieberman, the man who was kicked out of both the democratic party, and the party that bears his own name, the man who loves Bush, and his war no matter what. The man that will go to the mat for Israel at every possible opportunity, now wants the US to begin a big brother type surveillance on all Americans. Of course since yet another “botched” terrorism attempt was supposedly thwarted in England over the weekend, (funny how it happened right after Tony Blair left office) We are now in another lock down airport scare, and now it’s time to start stripping away our civil liberties again according to Lieberman

“The Brits have got something smart going in England, and it was part of why I believe they were able to so quickly apprehend suspects in the terrorist acts over the weekend, and that is they have cameras all over London and other of their major cities,” Lieberman said.

“I think it’s just common sense to do that here much more widely,” he added. “And of course, we can do it without compromising anybody’s real privacy.”

Lieberman lamented the “petty, partisan fighting” in Congress and called on his colleagues to join together to upgrade the nation’s electronic surveillance capabilities.

Hey Joe remember the Ben Franklin quote, “Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for safety deserve neither” Well Joe you don’t deserve to represent the American people being that you are so diametrically opposed to what a major majority of the country wants. You want war, they want peace, you want us all to be surveilled on camera 24/7 we don’t. You are ready to now attack Iraq, we’re not.

Lieberman continues with his lies, and obfuscations.

“You might say that, in Iraq, we’ve got the enemy on the run, but for some reason, in Washington, a lot of politicians are on the run to order a retreat by our troops even as they are beginning to succeed,”

Even as they are beginning to succeed? What success Joe. The month of June which just ended was once again The worst month ever in the war as far as the deaths of Americans is concerned. Joe Lieberman you are a lying scumbag. When are you going to realize that all Americans are onto you Bulls**t. Just shut up and sit down Joe. Thank You

12 Responses to “Joe Lieberman Wants to Install Cameras To Watch Your Every Move”

  1. HL conspiracy Says:

    I wouldn’t mind cameras in areas if it would make people safer

    What the people want is to feel safe and secure in the country they live in not try to play politics.

    Where are the statistics that say Americans don’t want camera’s helping keep them safe??

    Did anyone ever ask Ben why I would have to sacrifice my freedom to be safe??

    Why can’t we be both free and safe??

    Joe is a lying scumbag???

    Which politician isn’t??

    Oh it must be all the Democrats that were elected to stop the war. Thats been going good right??

  2. Paul Says:

    They’re not about protecting us, they’re all about control.

  3. bob h Says:

    Lieberman also predicted that our withdrawl from Iraq will leave the country in the hands of Al Qaeda and Iran. This is sheer demagoguery; the non-Kurd part of the country will by definition be in the hands of Iraqi Shiites, who will be strongly tied to Iran. Lieberman is just a f**king demagogue.

  4. HL conspiracy Says:


    to put cameras up on some corners?? I see cameras popping people for red lights everyday in California. So is keeping people from running red lights a bad thing as well??

  5. LA Says:

    We don’t need cameras period. Let cops do their job!

    People like Lieberman wants we the people to become conditioned to control by the government. Plain and simple!

    The man is utter evil and calls for the USA to attack Iran. Why, because his first loyalty is to Israel. It DOES NOT serve our interest. If you disagree, please present your argument why the USA should attack Iran.

    The sooner Lieberman “checks out” the safer and better this world will be for all of us.

  6. Bill Says:

    LA you see nothing wrong with what Iran is doing than in supplying insurgents weapons to fight US troops with.
    try reading this.
    Here’s another one.
    All you have to do is look and you will find all kinds of news

  7. LA Says:

    Bill, you say that Iran is “supplying insurgents weapons to fight US troops” and point to three articles.

    The first in the Washington Post. This is the same paper that fed the world the Bush tribe lies of WMDs. This article claims that “Iran has increased arms shipments to both Iraqi…and Taliban…., according to senior US and European officials.”

    Would these be the same officials that fed lies that outed Joseph Wilson’s wife? Could they be the same one’s that call for war on a constant basis? The report is trash and if you believe that is not, it’s a reflection on how naive you are.

    The “Evidence of Iran supplying weapons, expertise to Iraqi insurgents” article at The Fourth Rail has the same credibility problem as the Post article. Again the article talks about evidence but shows none. What you have there are mere accusations based on quotes form “defense officials” that can never be named or found. You couldn’t pass a Journalism 101 class based on this type of reporting. Nothing impressive or new.

    The third article, “The Finger Points at Iran But Not Saudi Arabi” [sic] is the worse! The article states conclusions as fact and is pure trash. Why bother reading such rubbish?

    You’re attempting to convince who with your propaganda? Nothing you say you can support. And you avoid countering my points with facts or substance. If you’re so sure that Iran is attempting to fight the US by supplying weapons to Iraqi insurgents, please show the world what Bush has failed to do. The State Department knows those accusations are mere rubbish and nothing but neocon propaganda to incite another war.

    How convenient that anyone that Israel doesn’t like hates us. It’s an old trick and we’ve woken up and nothing will stop us from the truth and spreading it around.

  8. ghost walker Says:

    HL if those cameras are poppin people all the time in Caliafornia then it would sstand to reason that they don’t stop people form doing it huh?

  9. Bill Says:

    What is sad LA is you can do a google search and find just as many news articles saying that Iran is providing Iraq weapons as you can saying they aren’t and not all of them are from the same places. But I guess they are all lieing right. I think not.

  10. LA Says:

    And that would only prove that the media is controlled. But I’m certain that you rely on Fox and similar media outlets that report lies. It would be a good idea for you to use Google to find better sources than lthe crap you posted earlier.

  11. ghost walker Says:

    LA for your Bill does use google,or ask some times i have gone to the sites he shows and compared them to numerous other and found that what he post is not crap and in fact more open minded than the libbies or the demmies think is good for the general puplic.
    I’m willing to bet that the AP is aka the libbies bible

  12. LA Says:

    Bill ==> You know what was really sad? What you posted as articles earlier to support your point about Iran. That was a joke!

    I never said “all the media in the world is wrong and printing lies.” But I will say this, that the US corporate media, which is controlled by the oligarchs, is biased and Islamophobic. Once in a while you’ll see something sensible come out of their media that rings true.

    There are plenty of research papers out there that present truth that is researched and solid information.

    As to Bush starting the war based on lies, the press reports what the politicos are saying. So don’t claim that the press made that up. Look at the numbers, how many Repubs have jumped ship because they know they’re on the losing side of history? You are laughable to believe that Bush hasn’t lied about his reasons for waging war in the Middle East. Even 15 year olds have figured that out.

    Bush should be impeached and charged with War Crimes. Violation of the Geneva Conventions and all other International laws regarding atrocities and destruction of nations.

    I also think that his supporters and enablers (those in his administration) should be charged with the same crimes.