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Pat Tillman…The Story that Refuses To Die

Posted in H.L. News, Main Blog (All Posts) on April 24th, 2007 6:00 am by HL

Lawmakers to open Tillman-Lynch hearing

WASHINGTON – As the Army probed Pat Tillman’s death, investigators implored the CIA and Pentagon last year to scour their databanks for aerial video of the friendly fire incident, footage they believed might have been captured as a Predator drone flew over the scene.

Lawmakers plan to press the Pentagon on Tuesday with questions still hovering over the one-time National Football League star’s shooting: Was a drone flying overhead when Tillman was killed? Did it videotape the incident?

The military says no such videotape exists, but members of Congress hope to elicit the new information when the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform holds a hearing as part of an investigation into misleading information from the U.S. military. Members of Tillman’s family, who have continued to raise questions about the incident, were also scheduled to appear.

The most recent investigation by the Army, released last month, documented a monthslong search for the video. The undertaking “suggests the distinct possibility that a Predator drone overflew the battle scene, and, if it did, may have captured yet-unrevealed material information,” said Daniel Kohns, a spokesman for Rep. Mike Honda, a Democrat who represents the San Jose, Calif., area where Tillman grew up.

HLs Take
It’s the story that refuses to die. Something fishy was going on when Pat Tillman was killed by his own men. Was it done on purpose to shut him up.? Tillman was questioning what was going on over there, and with his status as a guy who walked away from a multi-million dollar NFL contract people would have listened to him. Was this a case of The Army killing its own on purpose. You know that has happened in the past. They will do anything to stop the truth of their dirty deeds coming out. Congress is going to take a shot at it now. We’ll be following this story till the end.

12 Responses to “Pat Tillman…The Story that Refuses To Die”

  1. kevin Says:


  2. Craig Says:

    I never get tired of hippies and their “vast right-wing conspiracy” theories…

  3. Buck Says:

    However the dude died he was a hero. Quick trying to milk this one H.L.! Kinda tacky!!

  4. HL Says:

    We have had a lot of really stupid, barely literate comments on here in the past, but you take the cake dude.

    First: if you want to comment on this site knock off all the F Bombs.
    second: Insulting me is the best way to get your comments deleted.
    third: come up with something semi-intelligent and you might get to stay on here (but it’s not looking good for you)
    third: I am not, nor have I ever been on welfare, and I have always paid taxes. Say that one more time and you won’t be seen on here again.

    By the way, what grade are you in? Second?

  5. Douglas Says:

    you get up set about being called a well fare case but you support the goverment handing out all this money for free to the dead beats kinda a oxymoron if you ask me. you have never been on unemploy ment? and you have no plans of ussing ssi,ssdi,medicare or any thing like that huh?
    But you have no problems calling others cowards,chickinhawks dumbys,loony bastards etc. you are a major hypocrit. kevin must have hit a cord with you

  6. HL Says:

    So Doug are you saying you are not going to use ssi, ssdi, medicare, unemployment, because I never said I wasn’t. So if you are going to use them I guess that makes you a deadbeat welfare case by your own words. Dude you are making this way to easy.

  7. Douglas Says:

    never said that i would not,. once again you twist thing into the ground. you said you have never been on welfare i am asking you a dirrect question why must you turn around, only reason i can come up with is that it is too close to home for you hwy else would you get so up set???. and by dead beats i mean those how sit on their butt and do nothing. And i have never been on welfare i make 30k a year,when a illegal can make up 40k and get just because of his or her name, and where they r from. also why is it ok for you to insult others when you can’t take it your self.

  8. HL Says:

    i make 30k a year,when a illegal can make up 40k and get just because of his or her name, and where they r from.

    How can an illegal make 40K a year. You made a pretty bold statement there with nothing to back it up. I’d bet that verrry few, if any, illegals make 40K a year, unless they are involved in drug trafficking. So tell me, this I gotta hear.

  9. Bill Says:

    I bet you would say that a bum couldn’t make 30,000 a year either can they HL.
    You want a run down of how a welfare case can get 40,000 a year. Foodstamps, cash assistance, medical, dental, day care while parents “try” to find a job. For a family of 4 in Oregon total is 46,836 and that doesn’t figure child tax credit and other things. California is more.

  10. Bill Says:

    Oh and a bum in san diego filed a tax return with a gross income of 30,000 a few years ago. My dad saw it in the paper down there and told me about it.

  11. Douglas Says:

    HL you my boy have never worked on a farm have you??? one of the farms i worked averaged 50% illegal (till we found out) since i was one of the bosses i saw how much these people were making ,37k-42k. i was also working part time in a auto shop, these people were haveing the state of oregon pay for the repairs on there vehical one repair bill was S4,700. and they all received food stamps how they got around the income issue was they were useing there kids.
    As for it being a bold statement with nothing to back it up well i have as much as you do.
    An toher very intersting fact is that my brother-in-law married a japanese lady when they came back to the states he tried to get state aid and could not yet when she went down they gave it to her with no questions so what gives it went to the same family only thing different is he is white and she is japanese. at that time my wife and were only making 18,500 combined yearly and we could not get it so you want prof. all you got to do is look at who gets it and who don’t

  12. Douglas Says:

    So why is it you can insult people and they can’t insult you back??is this one the liberal do as i say and not as i do things??